STOP overcomplicating it.

Does manifesting work? Is it real?

The answer is yes, but unfortunately there are so many people online now using it as a business and therefore making it super complicated. They are selling plans, courses, affirmations, congratulation letters and god know what else, just so they can make money.

I have said this many times, all you need to manifest is the basic understanding of the principles and then to practice and be dedicated to the process, which is very simple once you’re willing to put in the work.

Instead of searching YouTube videos and scrolling on Reddit. I recommend using this time to read Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy, to really understand how the subconscious mind works and testing the law for yourself.

The way the subconscious mind works is once you impress it with a thought and that thought becomes dominant. It has no choice but to manifest into your 3D. Your dominant thoughts and beliefs always manifest. What you think, the words you repeat or the mental images you entertain on a regular basis, whether good or bad are what is reflected into your reality.

Remember, the subconscious mind is not selective, it will not argue with you. The thoughts, words, and images you are feeding it on a regular basis. It will use those as your instructions to shape your reality. The subconscious mind will always reflect back to you what you feed it. So, if you’re not happy with your current reality, take a good hard look at your thoughts, and see where your focus always goes. The thoughts your mind naturally returns to, are your dominant thoughts or as Neville refers to it as your dwelling place. Your dominant thoughts create your reality. If you’re not happy with your current reality, monitor your dominant thoughts and change them. So, you get more of what you do want instead of what you don’t want.

How do I change my thoughts though, is the question I hear you ask? Well, this is where techniques come in. The aim of a technique is to help you to build new dominant thoughts by repetition. It is not the actual technique that manifests but the continuous repetition of the same technique that has the ability to impress the subconscious mind and reprogram it. Therefore, you can pick any technique that resonates with you, whether that’s affirmations, visualising, or scripting. The main thing is you pick one, stick to it and repeat the same thing on a daily basis, multiple times. If you do this, overtime the continuous looping will naturally build new thoughts and habits. That is just how the human brain works, you train it with repetition.

A negative thought that comes to your mind once or twice doesn’t have the ability to manifest but it is the continuous repetition of the same thought over and over again, that gains momentum and power to become a dominant thought, this is what has the ability to manifest into your reality. To be a dominant thought, you don’t even have to believe it 100%, as long as you give it 51% or more focus, it will manifest. It must, your dominant thoughts always create, it’s the law.

Therefore, it is simple; decide what you want, select a technique, make a daily routine to repeat it. The more you repeat the chosen technique, the quicker you will impress your subconscious mind and the quicker you will manifest your desire.

More important than the technique is the mental diet, you must follow your routine and be dedicated to it, but discipline is the key. Do not allow yourself to entertain or dwell in any opposing thoughts. As soon as the mind tries to go back to the old thoughts, you bring it back. This is probably the most difficult part of manifesting, constantly staying on top on your thoughts and ensuring they do not revert back to the old way of thinking.

Then just persist, this to me is just repeating the new thoughts until you get your desire. Turn your back on the doubts. When any doubts or opposing thoughts come up, all you do is ignore and remind yourself, this is not true for me. Remember, there is always movement, even if you can’t instantly see it in your 3D.

Finally, don’t worry about the when and how, that is not your job. Once you have impressed your subconscious mind with the instructions. Now, it is the job of your subconscious mind, as a diligent servant to obey the master and bring your desires to you. You literally don’t have to lift a finger, just do the work, and know it will come to you.  

You don’t get what you want but you get what you think you deserve.

Recently whilst speaking to so many people, with some of you guys, plus my friends and family. I have noticed, everyone is so focused on what they want. Almost, to a point of desperation, begging the universe or God for their desires. Too many people are so focused on manifesting their dream relationship, job, house, salary, etc… all the work and techniques are done to acquire a desire but what people fail to do is, work on themselves.

If I had a pound for every time someone said to me, do I have to work on my self-love and self-concept to manifest, I would literally be a billionaire. People see manifesting as a means to an end to get a desire but fail to realise it is much more than that. It’s actually a way of life.

The truth is we don’t get what we want but what we think we deserve and are worthy of. Please read that again, as many times as you need for it to really sink in. If manifesting was all about getting what you want, wouldn’t we all have all our desires by now.

Therefore, the answer to do you have to work on your self-love to manifest is: No, if you already have strong self-love and think you’re amazing and deserve nothing but the best, you always get what you want and you approach manifesting with this attitude.  Then no you don’t need to work on your self-love because your foundation and belief system is already very strong.

However, if you have been struggling in life, be it with a relationship, profession, finances or generally progressing in life. Then ask yourself why, what makes you different from other people who already have what you want? The answer will normally be some underlying beliefs, that you’re not worthy, you’re not good enough or these kinds of miracles don’t happen for people like you. Then yes, you do need to work on your self-love and self-concept because until you are able to believe you’re worthy and deserve to have all the amazing things you desire, you’re unlikely to attract them into your life. Even, if you do end up manifesting them into your life, because we do live in a focus-based universe. However, if you don’t address the underlying self-concept issues, you’ll struggle to keep hold of your desires and fall back into the old ways of thinking, or the insecurities will slowly start to return and you’ll end up in a loop of getting and losing your desire, or repeatedly manifesting the same situations over and over again.

In the book The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, there is a perfect example of self-love.

If you were living in a restaurant where you always had access to plenty of food and someone came to your door and offered you a pizza, but said in return you had to let them abuse you for the rest of your life, you’d probably laugh at them. But if you were homeless and hadn’t eaten for days and someone made the same offer, you’d be more likely to consider it. We settle in life for what we feel we are worth; we will never allow anyone to abuse us more than we abuse ourselves.

The way we see ourselves or treat ourselves, will impact how other people see and treat us, because over 90% of our communication is done through body language. Even if we tell people how we want to be treated, we are actually showing people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves and by our actions.

An area I’d like to discuss further here is self-sabotage. Firstly, what does self-sabotage mean:

Self-sabotage occurs when we destroy ourselves physically, mentally, or emotionally or deliberately hinder our own success and wellbeing by undermining personal goals and values. 

Basically, that is exactly what your negative thoughts and old habitual thinking is doing to all your dreams and desires. They remind you, you’re not good enough or worthy enough to obtain your desires. These thoughts are what is holding you back by building that doubt and fear in your mind, preventing you from going after what you really want. These thoughts are what stops people from dreaming big because they think the desire is unobtainable therefore, they self-sabotage themselves with their own limiting beliefs before they’ve even taken the first step towards their dreams and desires.

This is what self-sabotage sounds like:

  • My SP is so perfect will I ever be good enough for them
  • I love my SP, but I know they’ll find someone better than me
  • What if my SP doesn’t love me as much as I love them
  • I really want this dream job, but I am underqualified
  • I really want to work for this company but it’s so competitive I will never get in
  • I really want to buy this, but I can’t afford it.

Can you see how the thoughts of can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, what if’s etc… stop you from having your dream life. However, this is easy to fix once you identify the limiting beliefs and start working on your self-concept. Once you start working on the self-love and focusing on becoming truly the best version of you. These thoughts with a little repetition can be flipped into:

  • My SP is so perfect, and I am the perfect match for them
  • I love my SP and they love me they’ll never find anyone better
  • We love each other so much, we only have eyes for each other, we’re the perfect couple
  • I know I can get my dream job because I am the perfect candidate for the role
  • The company I want to work for wants me because I am the perfect match
  • I am always surrounded by wealth and money; I can buy whatever I want.

Once you start working on your self-love and commanding your desires with confidence, instead of desperately begging for them. You will find that the desires you want whether it is SP, money, cars, jobs… will automatically appear in your life with little effort required from you.

Most people came across me when I wrote the post about how I quickly manifested my SP back. you too can do it just as fast. If I am being completely honest, when I read that post back, it actually makes me cringe. Yes, cringe because I can literally hear the desperation in my voice to get him back. Even though, I did manage to manifest my SP back by affirming for him and a perfect relationship. What has kept him in my life and our relationship strong and growing day by day is my strong self-love and me continuously working on improving myself.

I don’t talk much about my relationship with my SP but that’s because he is no longer the focal point in my life. Yes, I am grateful to have him and a wonderful relationship, but I no longer feel the need for attachment and validation from him. Whether he loves me or not, isn’t the deciding factor of my own self-worth. There is much more to me than being with my SP. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a friend, a successful professional, there is so much more to my life than that one relationship that was consuming my life and mind. He is simply a companion; I choose to share my life with. Yes, I choose not to beg, or ask of him.  Also, because I no longer have that attachment or should I say desperation to be with him, even if our relationship was to ever end. I doubt I would ever try to manifest him back because I have done so much work on myself now, that I know what I am worthy of and what I deserve. I know I am amazing, and I’ll always attract into my life what is best for me.

Normally when we want something so badly it’s because we are in the scarcity mindset. We fear if we lose this person or job then we might not get another opportunity. Ask yourself honesty why do you want a particular SP, job, house etc… is it because you truly want that or are you actually scared if it goes you won’t find another better alternative.

Answering your questions

Hello everyone, so recently I’ve been getting lots of messages with questions about manifesting. I thought it would be easier to answer the main questions in this post.

Is manifesting delusional?

Many people feel delusional when they are manifesting and feel like they are fooling themselves or wasting their time. However, if you think about it, isn’t every element of your life an illusion based on your thoughts? Was there ever any evidence for you to think all the negative thoughts you think? When someone tells you, you’re not good enough for a relationship, or you don’t have the experience for a job role, or you can’t win the lottery etc… is there any evidence of that? No!!! All these thoughts are based on another persons assumptions or limiting beliefs on the situation but because someone has said it to you, should you take it to be a fact. No, go prove them wrong, instead of believing their negative story, create you own positive story to obtain all your desires. Don’t ever give anybody else, whether its your parents, friends, employers or society the power to write your life story for you. Take back that control and build your life based on your own assumptions not anybody else’s. I have said this a million times, please don’t believe me, don’t believe Neville or the other great authors out there. The only way you’ll truly build your belief in manifesting is by testing it yourself. Focus on all the desires you want, test the law and see it work for yourself.

Is it necessary to work on your self-concept to manifest?

No, you don’t have to work on your self-concept to manifest but personally I think it really helps. Most of the assumptions we have in life, whether it is to do with relationships, money, success and abundance, are all related to our self-image and self-concept. Most people struggle in certain areas of life due to their low self-confidence and lack of self-belief, that they truly are worthy of obtaining their desires. If you look around and observe the people that have everything they ever wanted. They are normally confident and have assumptions based around how they deserve these things, if not more. This results in them having all their desires fulfilled, and no this has nothing to do with luck but more self-image. If you feel like you deserve the best, you will act and behave a certain way, you will command a certain level of respect, people will treat you in a certain way and you’ll never allow someone to disrespect you because you know your worth. Like many people say you don’t attract what you want but you attract who you are. To attract all your desires into your life, you must first become and feel like the person who is good enough to have all those desires. Therefore, you don’t need self-concept to manifest but I feel having a strong self-image is the true key to developing your manifesting capabilities. Something that is often overlooked in the manifestation community.

Which techniques are the best?

There is no such thing as the best technique to manifest faster. Different techniques work for different people because it is not actually the techniques that manifest but the assumptions, they help you to build. The purpose of a technique is to retrain your brain to think what you desire is already yours, or the event has already happened. With a technique you are trying to replace old negative memories in the mind with new positive memories based on what you do want. Remember the mind can not tell the difference between a real event and imagination, therefore you can trick the mind to think you already have what you desire. It is then the subconscious minds job to obtain that desire for you. It’s not your job to worry about the how and when, you just have to convince the mind this is your new memory, and it will do the rest. Hence, why I always say use a technique that resonates with you, whether it is affirmations, visualisation, scripting or a mixture of them all. The key is not the technique but the repetition, as it is the repetition that builds the new memories in the mind. So, pick a routine that works for you and stick to it.

Do you have to visualise to manifest?

No, you don’t have to visualise to manifest. As mentioned above, you can use other techniques that will help you to build a new story (memory). I would recommend testing all the techniques and seeing which one resonates with you. Also, many people say they can’t visualise. We can all visualise. If I say to you what colour is your front door? A picture of your door has appeared in your mind, to recall the colour of your door. That is a visualisation! People get confused because the image in their mind is not as clear as the real world. The image in the mind does not have to be clear but what is more important is the feeling the image provokes in you. Also, at the beginning if the feeling is not positive that’s fine as your mind will naturally try to resist but with regular repetition, the new story will become more believable. Therefore, persevere and don’t give up.

I have been persisting but why is my manifestation not here yet?

Be honest with yourself! Are you really persisting in the new story and know it’s done; your desire is yours or are you doubting the process and reverting back to the old story, every time you don’t see any movement in the real world? If you’re not seeing any progress after weeks or months of persisting. The likelihood is, you’re still persisting in the old story vs. the new story. If you truly were living in the new story, you wouldn’t be questioning the timings and why it hasn’t happened yet. You would go on with enjoying life, with the confidence of knowing your desire is yours and nothing can take it away from you. Also, please remember there is an abundance of love, money, people and jobs in this world therefore stop chasing after one person or one job. Truly think about what is it that you actually want. For example: do you really want that particular SP or do you want the feelings and emotions they evoke in you? The likelihood is it’ the later, which a number of people can give you. Therefore, focus on yourself, your own happiness, becoming the best version of you and the rest will naturally fall into place.  

How long should it take to manifest something?

This varies from person to person because we all have different upbringings, mental conditioning and thought processes. No one person has the same starting point, because we have all grown up believing different things. The best advice I can give you here is don’t compare your progress to someone else’ but compare it to your own starting point and how far you have already come. Test the law for yourself, start manifesting things in your daily life and this will build your confidence and ability to manifest faster, and this way you will find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Why can’t I stop the negative thoughts?

The negative thoughts are there because it’s your habitual way of thinking. It’s how your mind has been thinking for many years and now you do it naturally without even thinking about it. Like tying your shoelaces or driving a car. It’s become second natural to you. That’s why at the beginning, trying to change these negative thoughts seems so difficult because the mind will naturally want to revert back to the old way of thinking and it’s your job to stop that from happening. By constantly reminding it, no that is no longer true for you.

This is where the mental diet, plays a big part. You must become aware of what you are thinking. In order to stop negative thoughts, you must know what you’re thinking and where these negative thoughts are coming from. When you have negative thoughts, ask yourself what is it that I believe about this thought? Where did these negative thought patterns come from, who taught me these thoughts and when did I develop them? Once you can identify where these thoughts have come from and acknowledge they’re not from you, but they have been taught to you by other people and they are nothing more than other people’s limiting beliefs or worse case scenarios imposed on you. You are better able to observe them, release them and let them go by replacing them with positive thoughts.

You will always get negative thoughts, but the key is not to dwell in those thoughts or let them take you down that negative spiral. The best way I have found to control my negative thoughts is by focusing on all the positive elements of a situation instead of the negative. Every situation good or bad will be linked to positive and negative thoughts. Make sure you always focus on the positive elements. For example, if your SP has left you, you’re probably thinking of all the negative things that led to the breakup but instead focus on all the positive things that led to you getting together in the first place, the reason they fell for you and you for them. You always manifest what you focus on so why not focus on the positives.  

Is it possible to manifest instantly?

Yes, if you have no or little resistance to something it is possible to manifest something instantly or within a short period of time. However, if you do have a level of resistance to what you’re manifesting, there will be a time lapse for the manifestation to appear in the real world. This time lapse is normally the time it takes for you to move from the old story to the new story. Once your focus is more on what you want instead of what you don’t have, that is when the manifestation appears in your life.

Can I manifest more than one desire at a time?

Yes, once you’ve tested the law and built your confidence in the process. You will see it works all day every day and your thoughts and assumptions impact every element of your life. You are manifesting 24/7, whether you’re doing it by choice or allowing your old habitual thoughts to manifest on your behalf. Everything in your life is there because it was once a thought in your mind, you have attracted it into your being. Due to this, it is possible to manifest more than one desire at a time because you’re doing it anyway.

Big desire vs. small desire?

There is no such thing as big or small desire. A desire is a desire, it takes the same process to manifest a cup of coffee as it does a million dollars. The only difference is your resistance towards one vs. another and the assumptions you hold about the desire. Manifesting should be a lifestyle and you should be using it on a daily basis in all walks of life, for all desires big or small focus on what you do want to manifest the life of your dreams.

I hope this post has helped to provide some clarity 😊

The magic is always you!

Hi everyone, firstly apologies I have been MIA for a while. It’s been a really busy year for me. Plus, I didn’t want to keep writing posts for the sake of it. The only way you’ll fully benefit from the posts on here, is by reading the information, digesting it, but more importantly, by implementing it into your daily life.

“Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas” – Maxwell Maltz.

To this date, the most asked question I always get is about my SP and how I got him back. People want to know, exactly how I did it, how I got him back and changed him into the person I wanted him to be. I have written about this many times, but I think the main point, that is overlooked or missed by many is. Yes, I managed to get my SP back, and he is the most amazing version of himself now and I used the law of assumption and various techniques to achieve this but looking back the most important part of getting him back and actually keeping him in my life, as the version I wanted. Was not doing affirmations, or techniques, but actually working on myself and changing my self-concept.

People must understand that our life is created by the thoughts and assumptions we hold, about ourselves, others, and situations. We all attract various people and opportunities into our lives, but our ability to fully exploit them, is always dependent on our self-image and how we truly see ourselves. If we think we are worthy and deserve that opportunity, we will make the most of it, and excel at it, because we know we can do it and we’ll have the confidence to take full advantage of what is being offered to us but alternatively, if something comes into our lives and our self-image isn’t great and we don’t feel worthy of something. Then people always unconsciously self-sabotage the opportunity, with insecurities, self-doubt, and negativity.

We all know people, who aren’t the most attractive, intelligent, or knowledgeable people in the group, but they always seem to excel at everything they do. Life is easy for them; they attract all the right opportunities and people into their lives, to make the most of every circumstance that comes their way. People normally say that person is so lucky etc, but it doesn’t come down to luck, it all comes down to self-image, which relates to self-confidence. These people excel at everything they do, because of their self-belief in themselves, and a strong self-image. They know they deserve and are worthy of everything they have; hence why they attract more of it.

Relating this back to the SP, the reason you’re not with your SP has nothing to do with them or the circumstances of the relationship, but everything to do with you. Therefore, to get them back your focus shouldn’t be them, but it should actually be you. If you truly want to get your SP back and build the life of your dreams, you must stop concentrating on techniques and affirmations to get the SP back but instead use that energy to build yourself back up and make sure you become the best version of you, the type of person your SP would want to be with. To attract the best into your life, you must first become the best in your eyes, that is the only way you’ll ever feel worthy of the best. Don’t do it for them, do it for you, because you deserve to be happy.

Stop living in the past, and what happened years, months or even weeks ago, we can’t change the past, it has come and gone. Forgive yourself for the past, we all make mistakes. Don’t dwell on the past negativity. Move on and start living in the future, based on your desires and ensure your present is focused on becoming a better version of you. Plan your future, what do you want the future to look like, what do you want to accomplish. Remember, you attract what you focus on, so ensure you focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Whilst you’re manifesting, instead of waiting for the manifestation to come into the 3D, because waiting will only attract more waiting. Use that time wisely, time is precious. Invest that time in yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, spend time with family & friends. Enjoy life, laugh, dance, sing, learn a new skill. When you invest in yourself, you’ll see the whole world around you will change. You can have anything you want, only if you have the courage to believe in your own abilities. You are the key to your happiness, don’t give that power or burden to someone else, it will only lead to disappointment. If you are happy within yourself, you will have the ability to make the people around you happy and you’ll no longer need validation from others to feel good.

Please never settle for something you don’t want or bad treatment from someone, just because you’re scared of losing them. When you truly work on yourself, you’ll know your own self-worth, and you’ll never allow someone to treat you in such as way. If that happens, you will be the one walking away with your head held high, not them. Once you put yourself on that pedestal, others will be chasing you and begging to be around you and, in your company, not the other way around.

Raise your standards, believe you are the most amazing person in the world. People ask me but isn’t that delusional, if it feels delusional, then be delusional, it’s better than being desperate. Your thoughts, and what you focus on manifests. So, make your thoughts and words work for you, instead of making them work against you.

If you are struggling to believe, if manifesting is true or not. Then the best way to make yourself believe is by putting the information into practice. Work on yourself, do it for a minimum of 21 days and prove it to yourself. What do you actually have to lose!

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

Make 2022 your year, all about being the best version of you for you 😊

Just believe in yourself

If there was one thing about conscious manifesting, I wish I could get across to everyone. It would be, believe in yourself and your ability to manifest. You have the key to your manifestation, it’s all within you. Stop overcomplicating the process. Every question, you have about manifesting, only you have the answer to it. Your thoughts turn into things, what you focus on and give attention to, will manifest into your life. Therefore, it all comes down to your mindset, if you believe you can, then you can, if you believe you can’t then you can’t. It really is that simple!

I get so many questions about if I do this will it impact my manifestation, if I have a negative thought or doubt will it impact my manifestation? The answer is simple, if you believe it will, then it will, if you believe it won’t, then it won’t. We give everything a meaning in our lives, based on our perception of a situation, therefore you always choose whether to see something as a positive or negative. This should be an impowering feeling, because it means you know you are always in control of your life.

Normally the things that are standing in your way of conscious manifesting, are:

  • The stories you tell yourself and other people.
  • Your limiting beliefs
  • Fears and consequences

In order, to successfully manifest anything you want, you have to convince your subconscious mind that it is possible. It is your subconscious mind and thoughts that are creating your reality.

That is why it is so important to work on your self-concept. You don’t have to love yourself, but you do have to think you are worthy and deserve to obtain your desire. So, if you want an SP, you have to convince your subconscious mind you are the sort of person your SP would want to be with. If you want XYZ amount of money, you have to convince your subconscious mind, it is easy for you to make that much money. This journey is always about you, not your SP or money. When you look in the mirror do you believe you are the sort of person, who deserves to have all these amazing things in life.

As far as doubts and fears go, will you get doubts and fears. Of course, you will, you’re human and it is natural to get negative thoughts and doubts, but they will not impact your ability to manifest, if you recognise they have no power over you. You should not allow them to spiral out of control, you should be in control of your feelings and thoughts, because you know you have the power to accept or reject them. You are able to understand despite of these doubts and fears, you will get your manifestation because you know you deserve it and it’s already yours.

So now you’re probably thinking how do I make myself believe! There is no right or wrong way, you can use whatever technique you like. The most important part is to practice the technique on a regular basis to impress the subconscious mind. I find so many people want to keep learning and reading, but there is no special formula you can learn to manifest, you have to put in the work and practice on a regular basis and test the law. This is the only way you will learn what works for you. When you start to see the results in the 3D, this itself will build you belief system. I could tell you a million times this works, and you can have anything you want but until you witness it with your own eyes, you won’t truly believe it.   

You don’t have to 100% believe your manifestation is yours, but you simply have to believe it is possible for you and you are a person who is worthy and deserves to have your manifestation. Once you accept your thoughts turn into things, you deserve and can have anything you want, and you practice regularly. Your mind will naturally become calm, because you’ll no longer be desperate for your desire because you know it’s on it’s way. You will understand you are completely in control of your life, and no one or nothing can do anything to you, or take away your power.

How to live in the end

This is a requested post; I hope to provide some clarity on the topic. I think there is so much confusion around living in the end, due to the law of attraction community. Based on my personal experience of conscious manifesting, living in the end is not about pretending your desire is yours or acting as if in the 3D. Walking around acting like your SP is with you or spending money like you are a millionaire. I find trying to do this, is what makes people feel exhausted and delusional. As Neville stated what is in your imagination is more real than what’s in the 3D, therefore, the living in the end should be done in your mind, it’s a state of mind. So, there is no need to act or pretend.

To live in the end, you must identity what your actual end goal is, for example some people will say they want contact from an SP, but what they actually want is to be in a loving committed relationship, or people will say they want to have a certain amount of money but what they actually want is to be rich and successful. Can you see the difference? Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely manifest in steps but to live in the end, you must always have site of your end goal. Otherwise, you’ll manifest contact from your SP or a certain amount of money but that would be the end of the manifestation.

Living in the end, basically means you’re confident what you desire is yours, it’s on it’s way and you’ll get it no matter what. It’s about changing your current assumptions and beliefs, to align with your end goal.  “All you can possibly need, or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by imagination and feeling your wish fulfilled” – Neville Goddard.

The feeling Neville is referring to is not a feeling of happiness or excitement, these are all emotions. The feeling Neville is talking about, is a feeling of confidence, faith and belief. A feeling of knowing it’s done. Therefore, you don’t have pretend you’re happy all the time or act like you have something you don’t. You simply live in your 3D, like you will get what you want, it is guaranteed to come to you. You don’t have to worry or be desperate for it, it’s yours.

Once you desire something, know that it is already yours, you can have it. The techniques (affirmations, SATs, scripting) are there to help you live in the end and remind you, that your desire is yours. Techniques are a reminder of your desire, not a way to get your desire, because your desire is already yours. If you accept, your desire is given to you by your god self, then there is nothing to fear, you don’t have to do techniques 24/7 to get what is already yours. The techniques are there to aid you during the times of doubt.

Remember you are human therefore, the doubts, fears and negative thoughts will pop up from time to time. It is ok to acknowledge them and accept that is how you feel in this moment.  You don’t have to try to supress those feelings, just let them past. However, it is important to not dwell or focus on those thoughts. This is the time to persist and remind yourself, that your thoughts create and you’re in control and you will get what you want, never let anything contradict your desire. You won’t be able to manifest, if you’re constantly contradicting your desire, you can’t serve two masters at once. This is what causes delays in your manifestation. If you continue to assume your desire is yours, it has no choice but to harden into fact, it’s the law.

Monitor your thoughts and inner conversations, see how you speak about your desire and the world around you; this will give you a clear indication of your current state of mind. Stop focusing on the thoughts of lack and desperately needing your desire. To live in the end is simply knowing that the thing that you desire is coming, it’s inevitable, that is all it takes for it to manifest. 

Creation is finished, once you have a desire it is yours, it already exists, there is nothing to create. You must accept the desire is yours in your mind. Live in the end by not allowing any thoughts, doubts or fears to contradict your desire. Your faith in your desire must be stronger than any fear or doubt. Remain confident it will soon appear in your 3D reality and it will. You can have anything you want, the only person you must convince is yourself.

The power of the inner conversations

“Most of us are totally unaware that our inner conversations are the cause of the circumstances of our life” – Neville Goddard.

Throughout my manifesting journey one of the most important lessons, I’ve learnt is that your self-talk creates your reality. The conversations you have with yourself, and what goes on inside your mind, is what is dictating your future. If you can master your self-talk, you can master manifesting.

A strict mental diet basically means monitoring the thoughts we think and focus on throughout the day and ensuring the thoughts we entertain are positive and from the desired end. These thoughts usually change throughout the day and go from positive to negative, we never stay in the same state or mood all day long. However, it is our job to observe our thoughts and ensure we redirect them when we see them going down the negative spiral.

Self-talk and inner conversations are just the thoughts that are running in the back of our mind on autopilot, the way we speak to ourselves in our mind, the conversations we have with ourselves about our desires and the conversations we have in our mind about and with other people. This is your inner voice, either it is motivating you, telling you, you can do something and have something, or it is limiting you by telling you something is not possible, and you can’t have it. For example, when you think of your desire, what is your inner voice saying to you? That will give you an indication of the current beliefs.

This voice is not bad, or something to worry about. It is just your subconscious mind trying to protect you based on your past experiences. We all build a defence system, and limitations based on what has happened in our past, this is human nature. For example, as a child you touch something hot, and you burn yourself, your mind automatically remembers that incident and next time you go to touch something hot, the mind will stop you to protect you. That is all your mind is doing with your limiting thoughts and beliefs.

However, these limiting thoughts and beliefs are not set in stone, with a little work they can easily be changed. This is done by retraining your mind, with new thoughts and beliefs. Understand life is not happening to you, you are creating it with your inner conversations.

Therefore, it is so important to carefully listen to and monitor those inner conversations going on inside your mind, understand what you are think and focus on. If any of those thoughts or conversations are not positive statements about your desired end, that means those thoughts no longer serve you, therefore you need to change them to what does serve you and relate to your desire. A mental diet is usually the best way to do this, it involves observing your thoughts and changing the negative conversations into positive thoughts and conversations.

  • “I can earn the amount of money I want”.
  • “My SP loves me so much”.
  • “I always get what I want”.
  • “Manifesting is so easy for me”.

At the beginning when you try to change your thoughts and inner conversations, the mind will naturally try to resist because the new thoughts and statements will not be believable and feel uncomfortable to the mind because this is not what the mind is use too but if you persist and keep flipping the thoughts the mind will eventually adapt to the new statements. Because the mind learns by repetition, the more you repeat the new statements, the quicker it will start to believe them as true.

It doesn’t matter if negative thoughts come up, they will and this is normal, but you must remain on a strict mental diet, this means even when the negative thoughts come up you acknowledge them, but you do not focus on or entertain that thought for too long. Never allow the negative thought to spiral out of control and cause you anxiety.

Treat the inner voice like a child, when it is telling you something negative, gently remind the mind, I hear you but that is not true anymore, this is what is now true for me, so you don’t need to worry.

For example, if the inner voice is telling you:

“Your SP no longer loves you; he/she has moved on”.

You need to tell your inner voice:

“No that is not true, he/she loves me so much, they only want to be with me, what happened in the past is no longer important, it’s the past. I always get what I want”.

The most important thing is, in those inner conversations with yourself, you must always have the last word. Make sure the inner conversation is always left on a positive thought, never leave a conversation with yourself on a negative thought. The last thought or statement is usually what manifests.

Everything in your life can change and change quickly, as soon as you become aware of the inner conversations you are entertaining about yourself and others. Control your mind, instead of letting your mind control you.

How to get your SP back and turn them into the person you want.

Can you get your SP back and have them treat you exactly how you want? Of course, you can! All your desires are there for you to have because everything you desire, desires you. If you can see it in your imagination, you can bring it into your reality.

Basically, you need to understand your thoughts and inner self talk is what is controlling your SP and their behaviour towards you. That is why when you’re able to control your thoughts, you can intend for them to show up in your life, however you want them too. Think of your thoughts as instructions for them in your life, they will only act and do things that you assume and expect them to do. Therefore, if you assume, they love you, they miss you and only want to be with you. That is exactly how they must appear in your life.

The best way to recreate your SP and relationship, is by changing the story you’re running in your mind about them. Completely forget about what has happened in the past, what has been done and said. That is no longer relevant, nor does it serve you. The dominant thoughts you focus on majority of the time, will always manifest. Therefore, whenever you’re thinking of your SP, ensure you always concentrate on the good memories and qualities about them and your relationship. Focus on how you want the future with them to be. Instead of rehashing the past and attracting more of that into your life. Stop robbing your SP of the ability to come into your life as a loving, caring and loyal person. Remember, you give everything a meaning in your life, learn to only see the good in everything, because you will always find what you look for in people. If you look for the good, you will see the good, if you look for the bad, you’ll find the bad.

Remind yourself your SP does not exist outside of you, they don’t have any free will in your world, therefore they are not thinking anything, you don’t want them too. They do not have the ability to hurt or reject you, unless you give them that power over you Therefore, do not allow the 3D world or them to dictate your feelings or emotions. All that matters is what you’re thinking and the thoughts you’re entertaining about them and the relationship. Remember, the work is always done inside the mind, and not in the 3D. That is why it is so important to ignore them and concentrate on what you want, because you always get what you focus on. They are only mirroring back to you your inner thoughts, as soon you start to change your thoughts, you’ll notice them starting to change and conform. Once you start seeing movement, this will help to build your belief system.

The key is to persist. Circumstance do not matter, if they say or do something that you do not like, just ignore it and tell yourself that is not true for me. Immediately forget about what has been said or done and jump back onto your affirmations. You need to stop the negative thoughts and feelings spiralling out of control, by redirecting your mind to the desired situation. Every time you think of your SP or the past, that is when you should be affirming.

Your belief in your desire, must be stronger and more real than your fears and what the 3D is currently showing you. Once your desired end is more real to you than the 3D, and the circumstances in your current reality no longer impact you emotionally. That is when your reality will start to swift and bring your desire to you. You do not have to lift a single finger, the world around you will conform and everything will come to you.

Even if you have been affirming for a while, never give up and doubt the process because you do not know what is happening in the background to bring your desire to you. People and things can be moving that you may not even know about. If it is taking longer than expected, you should truly be honest and assess yourself. Every time you think of your SP, are you affirming and focusing on the new story, or are you still dwelling in the memories of the past. If it is the latter, you need to change that immediately and ensure your focus is on your desired end.  

The moment you feel like giving up, that is the moment you need to affirm the hardest and persist in your desire and claim it as yours, because that is just your minds way of testing you, to see if you will stay true to your desire or fall back into your negative thought patterns.  

Just persist and never give up on your dreams. Nothing is out of your reach if you really want it.

Psychics, Mediums, Tarot and Manifesting.

Before I start this post, I just want to mention everything I write here is my own personal opinion, and I absolutely have nothing against mediums, psychics, astrologers or tarot readers. Nor am I being judgemental towards people who do or have used their services.

In fact, before I started my law of assumption journey and found Neville. I had a very unhealthy obsession with psychic readings myself. My negative thoughts use to spiral out of control to a point I could not control them. I would get so anxious, and not know what to do with myself. I felt I needed to find the answers to my problems, but instead of turning within and learning to control my own thoughts. I turned to psychics out of desperation for support and guidance, in the hope they could tell me my future.

The information they provided in the readings would be very general, but I would make it fit and give it the meaning that I wanted and when it was information I did not want to hear. I would think it was because that particular psychic didn’t resonate with me. The more I had these readings, the more I started to rely on them. To a point where I wasn’t able to make a decision without feeling the need to consult a psychic. It had literally become an addiction and these people were only feeding the addiction, by taking away my ability to think for myself. They were literally dictating my life for me. Now I look back and feel so silly, not just for the money I wasted with these people, but also the time I spent stuck in life by literally giving my power away to a complete stranger.

Personally, I don’t think anybody has the ability to predict your future apart from you. If people had this ability, believe me they would not be wasting their powers, giving readings for a living. I do think there are some people out there, who are good, and can pick up on your current energy. Because everyone is you pushed out, they normally reflect back to you what is going on inside your thoughts. They can pick up on what your current state of mind is but that’s about it. No one can tell you what is going to happen in your future because that is all created by your very own thoughts. So, what most psychics do is, they plant a seed in your mind, tell you this is what is likely to happen, and because you believe in them, your mind takes that information, and assumes it to be true, and as we all know what we assume to be true for us, and what we focus on, will manifest into our 3D reality. So, when you think a psychic has told you something that has come true. It’s simply because you have focused on it and manifested it into your 3D world not because a psychic’s prediction has come true. If you go to psychics, look at your own experience with them. I bet you probably have some things that came true, because you believed them, and some probably didn’t come true because you didn’t believe them. Surely, if a psychic has powers and can predict the future, the results should be consistent, and not a hit or miss! Also, there is a reason why psychic websites claim all readings are for entertainment purposes only. All these readings are doing is giving you a false sense of hope and reassurance.

You have to realise only you have the power to change everything in your world. You need to stop looking for signs outside of you. The 3D world isn’t going to change until you change your inner world because the 3D is just a reflection of your inner thoughts and beliefs. So, take back the control and believe in your own powers as much as you do in other people’s.

How to deal with your reality whilst manifesting

I get asked so many questions about how to ignore the 3D or how to deal with your current reality, when it is showing you something completely different to what you’re trying to manifest.

In my opinion and personal experience, ignoring your 3D does not mean you ignore what your current reality is and pretend you have something that you don’t. This kind of thinking comes from the law of attraction community, where you are told to “act as if” you already have what you want in the 3D world. Personally, I don’t think that works well, especially if you’re a beginner to conscious manifesting. It can be very difficult to convince your mind, you have something in the 3D, when you clearly don’t. This type of “act as if” can leave you feeling drained, frustrated and thinking you are delusional.

I personally think ignoring your 3D means, ignoring the negative thoughts of the past and current reality, ignoring the circumstances and scenarios that you keep repeating in your mind that no longer serve you. Ignore overthinking thoughts like, because this happened in the past, that means this will not happen in my future etc… Ignoring your 3D to me does not mean you ignore your 3D world altogether, and you go around ignoring your work responsibility, you ignore friends and family, you ignore going out so you can stay home and affirm 24/7. Plus, why would you want to do that, everyday you’re alive is a blessing, enjoy your life, do things that give you happiness and pleasure, don’t waste your time being desperate and pining for your desire. That’s not how it works.

You have to understand the 3D is dead, it’s an illusion based on your past thoughts, there is nothing you can now do to go back and change those thoughts to change your current 3D. All you can do is change the thoughts you are now thinking to change your future reality. That’s why, the work is always done inside the mind not in the 3D. You’re affirming 24/7 therefore you have to ensure your thoughts and self-talk align with your desired end, but in your day to day life you go about your business as normal, you go to work, go to the gym, go out, have fun and live life to the fullest but in your mind ensure your thoughts are positive about your desire because that is what is creating your future reality.

You don’t have to go around pretending you’re with your SP or a millionaire in the 3D, when you’re not but in your mind, your thoughts should be aligned to the desired end.  “I know my SP loves me” “I know I am surrounded by wealth and money” and have the conviction because you’ve declared your desire as yours, even though it may not be in your reality at the moment, you feel 100% confident it will happen soon and nothing can stop it from happening, because you know your thoughts create your reality.

It is the same when something happens in your 3D that is opposite to what you have been affirming. Remember you give anything a meaning, just don’t accept that as true for you. I know when I was manifesting my SP back and something in 3D would come up and start creating negative thoughts. I would just tell myself “no that is not true for me, I don’t accept that”. I would keep affirming “My SP was my husband, and he is so in love with me”. I would say it with so much confidence, until my mind would reject all opposing thoughts.

This is where changing your story based on the past or present is so important, from “they did this” “they don’t want me” “it ended so badly” to something that serves you and aligns with your desired end “of course he loves me” “I know he only wants to be with me”. Even if you are not seeing the results in your 3D at the moment, know that your thoughts and self-talk are creating your tomorrow and if you continue to persist the 3D will conform. Never give up and fall back into the old negative thought pattern.

Remember our thoughts are very powerful, they have telepathic powers, we are communicating with people miles away, who we may not have even spoken to in a while, by our thoughts. Imagine, other people could hear every thought you were thinking, and they used those thoughts as instructions for their actions. Would you be thinking what you’re thinking now, knowing that could create in your reality? People will always appear in your life, how you assume they will appear. Start to understand the power of your mind and use your thoughts wisely, to consciously create what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Once you declare something as yours, and stay true to that desire with full conviction, it has no choice but to appear in your 3D.

“Claim you are what you want to be. Persist in that assumption. Continue to assume that role until that which you have assumed is reflected in your world.” – Neville

Persisting simply means you focus your thoughts on your desired end, until it is reprogrammed into your subconscious mind and becomes your dominant thought. Even though, you may not see your desire in the 3D right now, you do not know what is happening in the background to bring your desire to you. Therefore, always continue to persist until your desire shows up in your reality and remain faithful to the fact your manifestation is on its way.

Don’t worry too much about the 3D and what’s going on around you. Get into the habit of learning to control your thoughts and mindset. Realise, it doesn’t matter if you have a negative thought or event pop up, it doesn’t have any power over you, and you can easily change it. Start to practice controlling your thoughts and redirecting them. Remind yourself all your desires are being fulfilled, everything is working out for you in your favour, you know how to manifest, and you always get what you want.

The only thing that can stop you having your desire, is you! Your continuous focus on the past, present and negative thoughts. Change your mindset, to focus on what you want and slowly your 3D world will conform.

So, it’s simple! Declare what you want as yours, ensure your thoughts are aligned and focused on the new story and continue to persist in that new story. Live your life in the 3D as normal, enjoy life knowing that even though your desire may not be here yet, but because you have declared it as yours and you know your thoughts create, it will be here very soon. There is nothing to worry about, nothing to fake, just go on with life knowing you will get everything you ever wanted and much more.