Affirmations and Mental Diet

I wanted to address something, I am getting a lot of questions about, and there may have been some confusion around this, based on my SP success story. Maybe, I wasn’t clear enough because I didn’t want to make that post too long.

When I said I affirmed 24/7 I didn’t mean I randomly just affirmed. I meant, I chose words and affirmations about my SP that resonated with me. The point of the affirmations is to impregnate the subconscious mind. They are statements like instructions to your subconscious mind, of things you want to consciously manifest into your life. Instead of the past and current situation, you may be experiencing based on your autopilot habitual thoughts. When I began affirming, I didn’t believe the statements straight away, but I did get a feeling from them. Like Neville Goddard states, feeling is the secret. That feeling isn’t an emotion (happy or excited), it is more a feeling of confidence and knowing, your desire is yours or coming. Your affirmations should be creating this kind of feeling and/or images in your mind. Then eventually your mind will start to believe it and it is the belief that brings your desire into the 3D world.

This is the reason; I suggest you use affirmations that feel natural and resonate with you. If you are just repeating affirmations that others have used, or you’ve printed off the internet and there is absolutely no feelings or images when you say your affirmations. That means, you’re just doing empty vain repetition; therefore, you should look at the affirmations you are using and change them.

The mind learns by repetition, that’s why I did the mental diet. When you are constantly repeating the affirmations on a regular basis. The repetition helps to overwrite the old thoughts and replace them with the new desired thoughts. To manifest your desire, you must be thinking from the new state more than the old. The new positive thoughts should become your dominant thoughts.

If the mental diet is becoming draining and exhausting, that means you’re probably trying to force the affirmations over negative emotions. If you’re feeling like this, I would suggest first letting the emotions out. Supressing them never works, because they still remain inside you and then keep coming back until you address them. Therefore, you’re better off releasing those emotions, cry if you need too, it won’t impact your manifestation. Let all the emotions out and then return back to your affirmations and mental diet.

Another technique I found useful when I was doing my mental diet was having a mantra. I could repeat on a loop, when I thought of my desire or I was getting negative thoughts. This allowed me to concentrate on the positive statement, until the negative thoughts passed. Then I would schedule a 5-minute session, where I would sit, almost meditate, and repeat my full list of affirmations for my desires. I would do these sessions two to three times a day. This made it easier for me to maintain my mental diet, throughout the day.

“Whenever inner speech and desire are in conflict, inner speech invariably wins” – Neville Goddard.

That is why, it is so important to control your self-talk. Using affirmations and a strict mental diet, is what works for me.

7 thoughts on “Affirmations and Mental Diet

    1. Best way to get rid of someone is ignore them, don’t think about them. The more you say someone is bothering me, the more they will bother you. You can do the rubbing out technique, where in your imagination, you rub them out or affirm they find a better role and move away or affirm they’ve become a nicer person. Look at the NG example in EIYPO post. Never affirm or wish something bad on someone.


  1. do you or did you ever affirm in your mind and then new affirmations generate off of those new thoughts( new story )? like you’re telling a legit story or something


    1. Yes, affirmations are just thoughts that would naturally come to mind, if you had your desire. You don’t think the same thought all the time. Repetition is important at the beginning to train the mind to the new story, once the mind adapts, other thoughts naturally come to mind about the new story.


      1. i’ve been affirming the same couple things but some other things have come off of those as well. literally doing it all day 24/7 right now. doing the work needed to succeed for it


  2. My question is: did you live in the knowledge that you had it or did you know you were going to get it because you trusted the law? Many people write that they simply entered the state, others that they knew for sure that they would receive it because creation was complete. Neville talks about living as if, but he really only knew he would receive it (e.g. when he fell asleep sleeping with his wife)


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