Psychics, Mediums, Tarot and Manifesting.

Before I start this post, I just want to mention everything I write here is my own personal opinion, and I absolutely have nothing against mediums, psychics, astrologers or tarot readers. Nor am I being judgemental towards people who do or have used their services.

In fact, before I started my law of assumption journey and found Neville. I had a very unhealthy obsession with psychic readings myself. My negative thoughts use to spiral out of control to a point I could not control them. I would get so anxious, and not know what to do with myself. I felt I needed to find the answers to my problems, but instead of turning within and learning to control my own thoughts. I turned to psychics out of desperation for support and guidance, in the hope they could tell me my future.

The information they provided in the readings would be very general, but I would make it fit and give it the meaning that I wanted and when it was information I did not want to hear. I would think it was because that particular psychic didn’t resonate with me. The more I had these readings, the more I started to rely on them. To a point where I wasn’t able to make a decision without feeling the need to consult a psychic. It had literally become an addiction and these people were only feeding the addiction, by taking away my ability to think for myself. They were literally dictating my life for me. Now I look back and feel so silly, not just for the money I wasted with these people, but also the time I spent stuck in life by literally giving my power away to a complete stranger.

Personally, I don’t think anybody has the ability to predict your future apart from you. If people had this ability, believe me they would not be wasting their powers, giving readings for a living. I do think there are some people out there, who are good, and can pick up on your current energy. Because everyone is you pushed out, they normally reflect back to you what is going on inside your thoughts. They can pick up on what your current state of mind is but that’s about it. No one can tell you what is going to happen in your future because that is all created by your very own thoughts. So, what most psychics do is, they plant a seed in your mind, tell you this is what is likely to happen, and because you believe in them, your mind takes that information, and assumes it to be true, and as we all know what we assume to be true for us, and what we focus on, will manifest into our 3D reality. So, when you think a psychic has told you something that has come true. It’s simply because you have focused on it and manifested it into your 3D world not because a psychic’s prediction has come true. If you go to psychics, look at your own experience with them. I bet you probably have some things that came true, because you believed them, and some probably didn’t come true because you didn’t believe them. Surely, if a psychic has powers and can predict the future, the results should be consistent, and not a hit or miss! Also, there is a reason why psychic websites claim all readings are for entertainment purposes only. All these readings are doing is giving you a false sense of hope and reassurance.

You have to realise only you have the power to change everything in your world. You need to stop looking for signs outside of you. The 3D world isn’t going to change until you change your inner world because the 3D is just a reflection of your inner thoughts and beliefs. So, take back the control and believe in your own powers as much as you do in other people’s.

13 thoughts on “Psychics, Mediums, Tarot and Manifesting.

  1. Hello. I just wanted to ask a question because its bothering me. I saw a thread on reddit where everyone was using hate speech towards younger people and calling them dumb and desperate and (since I’m a young adult that very much insulted me) and calling them mentally I’ll because they want to manifest a celebrity sp and how that will never happen because its delusional. It was from the popular Neville Goddard community and it was filled with people being mean and saying that you can never manifest someone no matter how much you persist, go get some mental help instead because you’re still young and dumb. The fact that they think that only young people are like that it’s just very rude and not something that actual adults do. Do you think its possible to manifest any person in a relationship no matter famous or regular? Your blog is very inspiring and filled with amazing information so I would love to hear your opinion. These people just ruined my whole day and I dont know if I can manifest my sp anymore because they were so mean and I dont want to be a victim but their opinions were just full on hate speeches and I dont know what to do anymore.


    1. Hi Rose, I am sorry to hear you had to experience that, this is the reason I am no longer on Reddit. It can become a toxic environment, with too many people judging instead of supporting. Manifesting all comes down to your belief system, if you believe you can manifest a celebrity then you can. If they believe they can’t manifest a celebrity and manifesting is delusional that will be their reality. As for me, I believe you can have, be and do anything you want, and of course you can manifest a celebrity. Celebrities marry normal people all the time, so it can also happen for you. My advice, don’t listen to these people, remove yourself from these toxic environments, read Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy and practice manifesting for yourself 🙂


  2. I had seen a video about manifesting an sp, where this person related it to Neville and that if this sp is more aware consciously they have the ability to accept or deny the relationship. It was just really confusing to hear especially when they said Neville himself explained this, by saying he had his second wife because the feeling was shared. If we are in control of our reality and everyone is you pushed out, how would it make sense they would have the ability to accept or deny it unless we assumed that.


    1. I can’t comment on what this person has said because I’ve not seen the video. What I know and have tested of the Law of Assumption, you can have, be and do what you want. People appear in your life based on your general and specific assumptions of them. In your reality people appear how you see them in your mind. Neville many times has helped people get their specific person with his teachings. In the Law & Promise there is a story about a lady who got her SP by using visualisation and revision. I wouldn’t let other people’s limiting beliefs, impact your ability to manifest. Test the law and build your own belief system.


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  4. I had some psychic readings regarding my SP recently and two said it’s over and three said he will be back. I’m so confused


  5. I have a friend who’s a psychic, and for the duration of our friendship(2 years and counting) I’ve started to notice the holes(for lack of a better word) in her visions. When we first met I held her visions as the “end all be all”. Only because I thought and felt she has a gift I don’t. She could see things I don’t. And while she can read people, and very well I may add(she’s read me as well and it checked)…it doesn’t negate the fact that some of what she said simply hasn’t played out.

    I’m not knocking her gift/abilities, but…I feel because she hasn’t been wrong in her visions(or at least no one has the balls to tell her when she’s wrong) she’s developed a complex. And while I wouldn’t want her to doubt her abilities either, she can’t always be right. This 3D reality is always changing and people are always changing their minds. Nothing is solid. The 3D reality is not fixed.

    So it makes me wonder and question why do her visions seem to be about doom and gloom almost all the time. Like where is that really coming from, and why does she believe in it so much? For someone as smart as she is and who has taught me quite a bit, it’s weird noticing how she hasn’t come to the conclusion that maybe, she’s the one manifesting all these negative things in her personal life. And at times, of negatiive things to “happen” in the world.


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