It’s so easy!

I know I have mentioned this in many of the previous posts, but I wanted to dedicate an actual post to this topic. Through all the messages I get, and coaching sessions I’m doing.  I am finding one thing in common with so many people, they are trying to over complicate the process. Manifesting is easy, we do it every minute of the day, with our thoughts and beliefs.

All you must do is monitor your self-talk and inner conversations, ensure your thoughts and beliefs are aligned with your desire. Talk to yourself in a loving caring way. It’s all about you, you deserve to have your desire and are worthy of getting it. You are the creator, the god of your reality and the only one who holds the key to your success and happiness.

If you’ve been doing techniques for a while but there has been no or little movement in your 3D reality. It’s probably because you don’t fully believe you’re the god of your reality. I have mentioned before, you don’t have to fully believe your affirmations for them to manifest but you do have to have faith in the law and the process.

This is the reason why working on your self-concept, of being the god of your reality is so important. If you believe you’re the creator of your world, that makes it much more easier to believe your affirmations will work and this will build your confidence and faith in your manifesting ability.

As always use affirmations that resonate and mean something to you, but because I get asked all the time, here are some of the self-concept affirmations, I use on a regular basis, that resonate with me.

  • I know my thoughts create.
  • I am a master at manifesting.
  • I know everything I desire, desires me.
  • Manifesting is so easy for me.
  • My affirmations work so fast.
  • I am so good at controlling my thoughts.
  • I always get everything I want.
  • It’s already done my desire is mine.

Once you build the mindset of being the god of your reality. You’ll realise there is nothing in this world you can’t have. All the power and answers you need, are all within you. Only you can give yourself the validation and love you need.

There is nothing to be afraid off, nothing to worry about, no one can hurt you or do anything to you. Your thoughts are controlling it all, if you can control your mind, you can control your whole world. If you want to change your life, you have to make the decision to discipline the mind and take back your power.

I find the best way to test the law, is to test it on all areas in your life. Don’t just use it to get your desire. Test it on things you have little or no resistance too. Once you start to see your 3D conforming, that will build your faith in the process and your ability.  

The time it takes for something to come true in your reality, is the time it takes for you to convince yourself, that it is true. Simple!

3 thoughts on “It’s so easy!

  1. what to do after the impression is made on the subconscious? last week I had 2 very real dreams of my wish fulfilled after following your advice on this blog. by beating my affirmations into my head all damn day if I had to. well God showed me in the night dream 2 different times of my wish fulfilled with one being a reconciliation. I know that i had them because I impressed my subconscious. i’ve been persisting still but like what next do I do? this is the boa?


    1. There is nothing more to do, just persist with faith in the unseen. For me once the impression is made it’s a done deal in my mind, you know it is coming nothing can stop it from coming, you go on with normal life not even looking for it because it’s already done.


  2. I don’t look for it like you said. I was very happy after I woke up from those two dreams because I never dream. so i’ve just been continuing my routine. I have faith in it for sure after the dreams. because it was very clear to me that my wish was answered. I had forgot there is a delay from the old story to the new story. I do believe it’s a done deal and it’s inevitable at this point. trying to be patient but I do believe it for sure. still persisting!


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