Stop wanting and start doing!

I receive so many questions from people about manifesting, and most of the time, it’s the same repetitive questions about can I, how and when. Hopefully, this post will help to clarify a few things.

If you understand the basics of manifesting, that your imagination and thoughts create, and you are the god of your reality. Then you know that you already have all the tools you need to create the life that you want. The only thing, that is preventing you from having your desire, is you.

The basics of conscious manifesting is, the thoughts you focus on, create your reality based on the feelings and meanings you assign to those thoughts. The thoughts you focus on continuously, will become your dominant thoughts and beliefs, and these are what will be reflected in the 3D world. You are always in control of the outcome; you can choose to think positive and get what you desire or continue down the negative spiral and become a victim of your own thoughts.

Once you declare and assume or believe a desire is yours, your subconscious mind will start to work to make it a reality. Remember assumptions, although false, will harden into fact, it’s the law. The only thing that will prevent you from having your desire come to pass, is your negative conflicting thoughts. This is that inner voice, that is always speaking to you inside your head, telling you it’s not possible, you can’t do it. You need to make that voice quiet, until it is telling you what you want to hear, that you can do it, it is possible and it’s already yours.

That inner voice is only telling you all these things, not because it’s true but simply because that is what it is use too. That is the way it has been thinking for years. Humans are habitual creatures, we do the same things over and over again, out of habit. It’s the same with the mind. It is just repeating what it has always done, because it doesn’t know any different. That is why, when these old thoughts come up, your only job is to stop them and remind the mind, no this is the old story, we don’t do it that way anymore, and affirm the new story. Naturally, the mind will try to go back to the old story, because that is comfortable and familiar, but if you keep reminding it through affirmations, scripting or SAT’s this is not how we do things anymore, eventually it will learn, ok this is not how we do things now, and develop a new thought pattern.

Imagine that inner voice is a friend giving you advice, you can listen to it but choose not to take it on board. You can decide I no longer want to focus on this and dismiss it. Decide I want to do things in a different way. The inner voice and negative thoughts aren’t the enemy, it’s just the old way of thinking. Now you’re aware of conscious manifesting, and you know the importance your thoughts have on your reality. You just need to put in the work to change the way you are thinking and the thoughts you are focusing on.

I have noticed so many people want to continue learning, are always on the internet searching, asking the same questions, and constantly looking for signs and at the 3D for reassurance. Don’t you see, this is a reaction to your negative thoughts. Your negative inner voice is telling you, it’s not here yet, you’re not going to get it, it’s not working, and then you panic, go back onto the internet, start searching and questioning the process. The time you spend constantly on the internet, looking for new advice, new techniques and asking questions. Imagine you invested that time in practicing the law, affirming, and controlling your inner voice, you would probably be much further along in your manifestation journey.

Every time you ask questions, you’ll literally reaffirming it’s not here and coming from a place of lack. The doubt is just confirming the negative thoughts going on inside your mind, and all this will do is delay the process.

If you believe in the law, you can go on in confidence knowing your desire is already yours, it’s done. Honestly, if you were living in the end and you already had what you wanted and desired, would you still be searching if the law worked, searching for success stories, would you still be asking when and how, would you be looking for signs? Of course, you wouldn’t, you would be happy living in your new reality.

It’s like with anything in life, you can’t learn and question forever. Eventually you need to take control and practice. The best way to learn, is to practice and see what works for you and what doesn’t. You won’t get it straight away, it will take some time but eventually if you keep practicing, you will get better and start to see the results. Develop a routine, and ensure you stick to it daily. To change the old habitual thoughts, you must develop a new habit of thinking in a positive way, this will only happen with continuous practice, repetition, and dedication. The more you practice, the quicker the mind will adapt and the faster you will get the results.

Use the 3D as an indicator for your thoughts. Your reality is only reflecting back to you what is going on inside your mind, and the thoughts you are focusing on. Be honest with yourself, if you’ve been implementing affirmations, scripting and SAT’s for many months, but are still not seeing any evidence of that in your 3D world. Are you truly entertaining more positive thoughts, than negative? The 3D world doesn’t lie, it will always reflect to you your dominant thoughts. Test it, think of your desire right now, what is the first thought that came to mind. That will give you an indication of what your dominant thoughts are at the moment, and how much more work is required.

No one can stay in the same state all day, our thoughts change minute to minute. Of course, you will get negative thoughts, but you must dismiss the negative thoughts and not spend too much time focusing on them. Until eventually, you will get to a point, where you think of your desire and it’s your positive thoughts that will naturally come to mind. That is when you know your subconscious mind has been impressed. Now your only job is to persist with those positive thoughts, until they manifest into your 3D world.

Remember, everyone is you pushed out and circumstance do not matter, you can have anything you desire. The thoughts you’re entertaining on a regular basis is what will manifest into the 3D world. As long as you’re able to control your thoughts and ensure you’re only thinking of what you do want, more than what you don’t want or don’t have. The world around you will conform, it has too.

You don’t have to believe your affirmations right away but if you have faith in the law and know if you persist, the mind will adapt and form new habits, and with repetition these new thoughts will soon become beliefs and assumptions. All you need to manifest everything you ever wanted, is faith in the law.

14 thoughts on “Stop wanting and start doing!

  1. Thank you for posting this. Though I’m positively affirming 24/7, I must be somehow still inwardly thinking negatively. And I do catch myself consistently going to the internet to read success stories and checking my 3D world for results. This was a much needed kick in the pants for me


    1. Remember affirmations aren’t just mindless statements, they should be thoughts you would naturally have, if you already had your desire.


  2. Hey Sia,

    My SP’s name is X but I used to call him Y. But few of my friends name also Y. Which name should I use in affirmations. His full name X or the name I used to call him?


    1. It doesn’t matter what name you use, your mind will know you’re referring to your SP. When you’re affirming as long as the image coming to your mind is of your SP, the words or names you use doesn’t matter.


  3. Thanks for the post. It’s s reminder. From my understanding and reading I have reached the conclusion that what I see in my imagination is more real that my 3D. Now I have also read that my imagination is God. So does that mean when I can see myself happily married to my SP in my imagination that’s a potential reality God himself is showing me ? Please advise Sia if I am correct


    1. That’s correct your imagination is more real than your current 3D. The 3D is an illusion based on your past thoughts, whereas your current thoughts are what is creating your future. Any scenario you can imagine, has the ability to appear in your 3D world, this is determined by the thoughts you entertain and convincing your mind that is your new reality (living from the end) in your mind. A desire you have can be from your god self or your ego mind, either way you can manifest any desire, but it is for you to determine, whether that desire comes from your god self or ego.


    1. It depends ask yourself why you want to be married to your SP, the reason for it and that will tell you if the desire is from your god self or ego mind. Any desire you have you can manifest regardless.


  4. ”if you were living in the end and you already had what you wanted and desired, would you still be searching if the law worked, searching for success stories, would you still be asking when and how, would you be looking for signs? Of course, you wouldn’t, you would be happy living in your new reality.”

    Yes, but then I would also go back home to my Sp and not stay where I’m currently and temporary living? I know living in the end is not the same as “act as if” and many practitioners confuse this two together.

    I’m currently living a happy life. Nevertheless, it’s a life on standby as my work was conducted from that place (farm). I’m currently doing another job in another country, waiting for my 3D to catch up so that I can continue with my work at our farm.

    Before learning about all this, I was as many manifesting
    unconsciously. And my doubts (not being sure if he loved me anymore as much as I loved him, not being sure whether to continue the business from there) led to this. Now, that I know that it was all in my mind, I’ve become a conscious manifestor, waiting for the bridge of incidents to bring me back to my love and passion aka real work (although I know that in the 4D I’m already there)


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