Q&A from my success story

I’ve been getting so many questions, since sharing my SP success story. Unfortunately, I physically do not have the time to answer every individual dm anymore, I wish I did! So, I’ve pulled together a list of all the popular questions and answered them in this post. Hopefully, this will help and answer all the pending questions.

How did I ignore my current 3D reality?

Once you fully understand the law, you’ll realise the 3D world is irrelevant, it’s only a shadow based on your past thoughts. The only real reality is your very own imagination and thoughts. You must accept responsibility for the fact, you’re experiencing your current reality because you have created it with your continuous negative thoughts, assumptions and beliefs. There is no one else to blame, so you must leave the victim mindset behind. You have created this situation and only you have the power to change it. Let go of the past, and current reality and concentrate on what you do want, this will be your future 3D reality. You don’t have to completely ignore the 3D world, you carry on as normal in your day to day life, you go to work, go to gym, go meet friends, enjoy your life. Never put your life on hold until you receive your manifestation. Remember the work is done in the mind, in your mind you must live from the end, as the person who already has everything they want. What would your mindset be if you already had your SP, what kind of person would you be, how would you act and feel, embody that person now. To don’t have to act as if you already have your SP in the 3D world but you embody having the mindset of the person, who already has the desire. Would you feel more confident, happy and relaxed, feel that way right now. Know that it’s already done, and the 3D world just has to catch up.

How to stop repeating the old story?   

Once again, you must accept accountability. You have created the old story through your negative thoughts and insecurities. If you believe in the law, and understand conscious manifesting is the thoughts you focus on, create your reality based on the feelings and meanings you assign to those thoughts. You really, only have two options: keep thinking the thoughts you are thinking now, repeating the old story and getting more of it. Or you can decide to discipline your mind, focus on a new story of what you would like to happen, so that you can manifest what you desire into your 3D. Only you can make this change, no one can do it for you. Remember, you always get what you focus on.

If the old story is causing you too much anxiety, you can always revise it. So instead of focusing on how the situation occurred in the past, you can imagine it happening how you wanted it to be. Then repeat that new scene, until it feels more real than what happened in the past. I revised the argument, with my SP, this took away the anxiety from the past.

He/She said they don’t want to be with me?

Remember circumstances do not matter, because everybody is you pushed out, people will only appear in your reality how you assume they will. They are only telling you these things, based on your insecurities. If you change your thoughts and assumptions about the person and the relationship, they will eventually conform to the new story. Remember, everything is neutral until you give a meaning to it, therefore only assign positive meanings to things in your life and expect the best from everyone.

Did I live in the end?

Yes, I lived from the end in my mind, this is probably the most important part of manifesting. I embodied the person I would be if I were already with my SP. In my mind we were already together in a loving committed relationship. In my mind he was the person I always wanted him to be, and I stayed faithful to that vision regardless of what my 3D reality was showing me. The whole point of techniques, whether you use affirmations, scripting, or SAT’s etc is to put you in the feeling of living from the end. I think this is where most people go wrong, they do techniques in the hope of getting something, but the point is, if you’re doing the techniques correctly, you’d feel like you already have your SP, they’re already with you, they’re calling you, you’re in a perfect relationship. So, there is no more work to do, it’s already done. If this was truly the case, would you be on internet searching for success stories, looking for new techniques and constantly asking questions, probably not, right?

Did I do the mental diet for a set time or all day long?

Mental diet means you observe your thoughts, and ensure you’re only focusing on the thoughts you want to appear in your 3D reality. Your dominant thoughts and assumptions will always manifest. These thoughts are the inner voice and self-talk, that is constantly going on inside your mind. This is what you need to learn to control. What would your thoughts and inner self-talk be if you were already with your SP? Those are the thoughts you should be entertaining all the time. If you already were with your SP in a happy loving relationship, you wouldn’t be thinking, “why hasn’t he called me, it’s been so long” it would more likely be “he loves me so much and he calls me every day” “we’re so happy together”. In my case, I went on a strict mental diet. I completely let go of the past and negative story. I watched all my thoughts and ensured my focus was always on what I wanted.

What affirmations did I use?

It doesn’t matter what words you use, how you say your affirmations, as long as they resonate with you and create a feeling of you already having your desire. The affirmations should be thoughts you would naturally think if you already had your SP. At the beginning you will probably not believe your affirmations, and that’s ok. You’re trying to change the old story into a new story, naturally the mind will want to revert back to the old story because that’s more comfortable and familiar, but if you persist, the mind will eventually start to adapt. That is why repetition and a strict mental diet is so important at the beginning, to replace the old story and convince the mind of the new story.  

Did I work on my self-concept or recreate my SP and relationship?

Both, because everyone is you pushed out, the 3D will only reflect back to you, the thoughts you are focusing on. There is no point working on recreating your SP or the perfect relationship, if you do not work on yourself. This journey is always about you and your mindset. Do you have the mindset of someone who is worthy of having your SP, do you feel good enough to be with them, confident that you can get them and keep them? You must embody being the type of person, your SP would want to be with. You’re more likely to believe your SP is crazy about you, if you believe you’re an amazing person. If you believe you’re not pretty or good looking enough, it’s more difficult for the mind to believe you can get someone like your SP.

What did I do when negative thoughts came up?

I reminded myself I was the god of my reality, my thoughts created my 3D world, therefore I could have, be and do whatever I wanted. This made me feel confident that my desire was done, its mine, nothing and nobody could take it away from me. All I had to do was ensure my thoughts were in check, using affirmations and a strict mental diet, helped me live from the end. At the beginning it was hard work, but the more I repeated my affirmations, the more believable they became, and the negative thoughts naturally went away.

What feelings did I have?

Once I decided I wanted to get my SP back, my complete focus was on my end goal. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and it would require discipline and dedication, but I was willing to put in the work to get my perfect relationship. At the beginning the affirmations and mental diet, felt draining, I also had anxiety at times, but I continued to affirm and persist. Eventually, it got to a point, I would think of my SP and naturally the new story would come to mind instead of the negative thoughts and my insecurities were gone. Once I reached this point, I felt calm and confidence, like my desire was already mine, I was convinced it would manifest into my 3D. I had no doubts, conflicting thoughts or attachment. I felt like it was done deal. At this point, I didn’t stop affirming, I continued to affirm. You have to remember; you’re always affirming something with your self-talk. The only difference is once you’re aware of conscious manifesting, you become more aware of the thoughts you’re focusing on and with repetition, the positive thoughts naturally become your dominant thoughts.

Timings, it took you 3 weeks, I have been affirming for months and nothing is happening?

If you’re saying nothing is happening, or this is not working, that is what your focus is on and that’s what you’re affirming, therefore why are you shocked nothing is actually happening. If you truly, were living from the end in your mind, would you be looking at the 3D for reassurance and signs, no you wouldn’t. You would not be questioning the process, you would happily be going on with life, in the conviction your desire is done, you already have your SP, and nothing would be able to move you from that state. The time it takes for something to manifest into the 3D, varies from person to person, therefore I suggest not to compare yourself to others. I feel the reason some people get their manifestations faster than others is because they actually practice, do the work and test the law for themselves. Whilst others keep learning, complaining, questioning, and doubting the process. The more you practice, the quicker the mind will adapt and the faster you will get the results. You just have to ensure you get to a place of living from the end, and just persist and do not give up and revert back to the old story. Once you reach that point, the desire will show up in your 3D, when you least expect it. Remember, it’s not our job to know the when and how, our job is to simply persist in the assumption of the wish fulfilled.  

26 thoughts on “Q&A from my success story

  1. I started a 24/7 mental diet this week just for experiment. 2 days in I had a very vivid dream of my girl and I so happy together and all my affirmations were true. I never have dreams so that was huge for me


  2. Hello Dear. Many thanks for sharing your story so candidly. You wrote ‘ the only reality is your imagination and thoughts’. So everything in my imagination is real ? Even things I want like relationship with SP but it’s not in 3D now ? When I visualise or see in imagination is real and should have faith on it more than shadow 3D ? Thanks


    1. That’s correct, you have to monitor your thoughts and self talk and only entertain thoughts that correlate with your desire and stay faithful to what you desire more than what your 3D is showing you.


  3. Hi Sia. I’m a regular visitor of your blog. Love it. Read on your blog that your cannot have a desire which can’t manifest. Meaning you would not have a desire if it was not possible to manifest it. If you have a desire means it’s possible. Can you elaborate on this with regards to SP ? What did you intend to say. If very keen to hear. Lots of love 💕


    1. Hi Kiara, thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 That’s correct, if you have a desire it was given to you by your god self therefore it is something you can experience in your 3D. With regards to an SP it means, creation is already finished, therefore every scenario you can think of with your SP, you have the ability to manifest into your 3D using your thoughts. Say at the moment your focus is on you not being together, that is what will remain in your 3D, until you change your focus and thoughts to you being with your SP. Once your focus is on you being with your SP, that is what will manifest into your 3D, your dominant thoughts, the ones you focus on more. I hope that helps 🙂


  4. Love your blog posts so much! They are always so easy and straightforward to understand. I’ve taken your words of advice and am happy to say since reading your posts I’ve manifested many great things. For me, it’s sometimes easier to manifest when you’re not dealing with as much in the 3D. For my SP, I’m finding it really hard now that he’s back to not get frustrated or annoyed with behaviors I don’t like or want to see in him. I’ve told myself I create everything, and affirm + visualize the qualities I want to see in him instead – but any additional advice would be much appreciated


    1. It’s great to know you’re finding the blog useful and well done on all your manifestations to date 🙂 The way I deal with other people in my 3D is, if they’re doing something to annoy me, I simply tell myself there is no point in reacting to the 3D, it’s a complete waste of energy and I refuse to focus on the annoying behaviour, what you focus on is what you get more of. Instead, I focus on what I do like about that person and I go within and focus my thoughts on how I want the situation to be and I find before long people in my 3D always conform. I hope that helps 🙂


  5. Hello😊 sorry to bother you but can I please have an advice on how to not let my thoughts spiral when my sp collaborates with female colleagues? He is not that type of guy but yet my mind spirals and thinks the worst even if the girls are already taken or married😬 I’m in the process of manifesting him since he is my crush so knowing that I’m not there with him scares me and you know…. I spiral😂


    1. What you are referring to is the whole process of manifesting. To manifest something into your life, you have to be able to control your thoughts and stop them spiralling out of control. You get what you focus on most of the time. You can use affirmations, visualisation, scripting or meditation to change your thought process. I personally, use affirmations but a mental diet is essential as you have to monitor all the thoughts you are thinking and change them to what you do want, instead of what you don’t want 🙂


  6. This is absolutely amazing….. my breakup is only a week old so the trauma is still so fresh… but I have been working on this mental diet for few days now and I’m starting to feel alot better… but being a single mom of 4 kids sometimes its hard to stay positive all the time…. I have been staying positive about him and I… but hard to stay in positivity all the time… Im also manifesting him with my kids. And their relationship. Any pointers?


    1. Thank you 🙂 Remember it is ok to not feel positive all the time, you’re human you’ll have a range of emotions, let them out never suppress them. The key is you get what you focus on MOST of the time, so ensure even if you have your weak moments majority of your thoughts are focused on your desired end. Also, know what’s in your imagination is more real than the 3D, so eventually the 3D will catch up if you persist for long enough. You can do this, focus on what you want, have conviction it’s done and persist don’t ever take no for an answer. I hope that helps 🙂


  7. I have read your blog….it’s so inspiring….I love it😌……maybe some days I will be posting my success story


  8. Love your blog.. I’m confused about the ‘ letting go ‘ of your manifestation. Does that just mean forget it or do I still keep doing the affirmations etc.. I’ve heard the comments if you chase something it will run away, does that mean I need to think I’ve already asked for what I want now I need to allow things to just flow.


    1. Thank you, in my experience letting go means you let go for the past, circumstances and negative thoughts. You reach a place where you know it’s done, your manifestation is yours, it’s on it’s way, there is nothing more for you to do.


  9. Hi there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 4!

    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward
    to all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work!


    1. If you wanted to manifest a text that is a manifestations but don’t get too caught up in the language or tactically of it, you have manifested a text be proud, now go on with creating your story, how you know he’s texted because he wants you etc… don’t let any other negative thoughts enter your mind.


      1. I’ve been affirming new story from last 1 month and new all my negative thoughts are gone. And whenever sp comes to my mind automatically new story comes up…..and I’ve been affirming that I’m happily married to my sp….. So should I persist or stop now


      2. hi, if you have that feeling of its done and you know it’s going to happen, the new story comes automatically you don’t have to force yourself to affirm, carry on with life knowing your SP is on the way 🙂


  10. Hey love your blog, I’m confused about one thing. Should we synchronize 3d world and our manifestation?

    For example, Mr. A hate me in 3d world. However in my imaginal world, we made up. But I encounter Mr. A every once in a while. Should I just treat him just friendly like it’s already manifested ? Or just completely ignore his existence in 3d because he doesn’t exist outside my imagination?

    Thanks 😍


    1. You don’t have to ignore the person, unless they trigger negative thoughts, otherwise just be normal and neutral with them, you don’t have to be nice to them or take action to manifest. Just be confident in the fact that they will conform.


  11. Thank you , really 🥰🥰 I got SP back, (but I still have something to change about this relationship with manifesting) but hey it’s a good start! My SP story is so similar with yours! .Even your username is in my real name (my name is marcella sia) This blog has changed me, to the point reading your blog is my reassurance for affirming.

    However I have problem with living in the end for my SP case, I feel like I don’t live in the end enough. I keep changing methods. Not because it doesn’t work, but because “I want more”. The 3d world situation always 80-90% close to my manifestation, I feel like it’s incomplete. Like the feel when you have sticker and you want to remove it. But you remove it magically without your hand. When we start we can just ignore it “I’m confident it will be super clean!”. But when it’s peeled off, there’s annoying residue. it’s still there and I keep on like “come on, a little bit more! A little bit more!!!”

    I did typed “what should I do?” Just now. But suddenly I got my own answer, as you said “you have the answer to your questions” I just realized what I have to do while typing this comment. At this point I focused too much on the 3d because of good result. The thing is we can’t be attached to the 3d whether it’s good or bad.

    My answer to myself is to persist. I know I can and I will, But let me know if there’s any tips 😁 I know I’ll be sharing my success story here, promise! To other readers, you can do it! Let’s support each other ❤


  12. The other reason it may take longer to manifest is that some desires (even sps) may be harder than others. For example you had a connection with your sp even if it ended horribly. If someone is trying to manifest an acquitance, stranger or celebrity it may take longer, months or sometimes even one year, on some cases soe people will need to ‘jump’ a lot of timelines. That’s why some minor manifestations seem easier while others like dream job/house/spouse seems to take more time. But keep manifesting that it will happen. Patience is key.


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