Make your affirmations work faster

If you understand the basics of manifesting, you will know that it is your thoughts and imagination that is creating your reality. What you chose to focus on, is what you will attract more of into your life. Therefore, to get what you want in life, you must change the focus from the lack of not having it right now, to already having what you want. You need to change the old story you are telling yourself on repeat, due to your old habitual thoughts, and replace it with a new story of living from your desired end.

To get what you want faster, you must stop your mind running on the autopilot habitual thoughts, the more you keep repeating thoughts of the old story from the past and worrying about them, the more you will be stuck in the same situation, going around in circles.

Affirming statements of what you do want, will help you to overwrite and replace the old habitual thoughts that are going on inside your mind. The more you repeat these affirmations, the quicker they will be impressed on to subconscious mind and with continuous repetition, you will be able to make them your dominant thought. Use affirmations that resonate with you, use the language of your inner voice, in the way you are always speaking to yourself, the mind finds this easier to accept.

I normally get asked how often, should you repeat your affirmations and when. Repeat them all day and every day to begin with, so you’re only entertaining the new thoughts of the desire. You must consciously focus all your attention on the affirmations, because the old negative thoughts, you were previously thinking are already assumptions and beliefs in your mind, therefore, to replace them, more effort, time, and dedication is required. The more attention you give to the affirmations, the faster you will get the results. You should continue to repeat your affirmations until your desire as come to pass. The best time to repeat the affirmations, is every time your desire comes to mind, so you’re only associating these new positive thoughts with your desire and no longer dwelling in the negative story. To really speed up your manifestation, another great time to repeat your affirmations is when you are in a drowsy state (SAT’s), in this state your conscious mind will not put up a fight, so there will be less of an uphill struggle and they will go directly to your subconscious mind.

That is the aim of the affirmations, to repeat them until they become your dominant thought when you think of you desire. Instead of the negative thoughts, you’re thinking at the moment. When your mind automatically repeats the affirmations at the thought of your desire, that’s when you know it’s been impressed on the subconscious mind enough. You will get to a point where you’ll feel complete confidence, that your desire will be yours no matter what and nothing can stop you having it.

How quickly you get your desire, is completely dependent on you. On how long it takes you to let go of the old thoughts and story from the past and focus your thoughts on what you want to experience in life. Re-affirm the new story as much as you can, until it naturally becomes your dominant thought, it is your dominant thoughts and beliefs that manifest. The more you affirm the new thoughts and story, the quicker it will reprogram the mind to the new way of thinking and your desire will come to pass. Don’t worry about the how and when, that is not your job. Don’t keep questioning it and asking whether you’re doing it right or why it hasn’t happened yet; all that will do is slow the process down. You must focus your mind, have faith your desire is already yours and every time you think of your desire affirm, affirm, affirm.

13 thoughts on “Make your affirmations work faster

  1. Hello and Happy New Year! I know I should be working hard on flipping my negative thoughts and not focusing on what I dont want because I’m going to create more of it (which I sadly found out the hard way lol) but I cant seem to get it out of my head when my SP collaborated with two popular females on different songs and I got so sad and mad and angry and jealous, you name it. How can I move on from that situation that I created and I know I created it because that was so bizarre and weird, like this is the strangest thing that has happened to me and I know very well that I created it with my thoughts. He would never do that but my thoughts sadly created this situation. And now I want to be super disciplined in living from the new story but can you please give an advice on how to forget that this ever happened and how to not be jealous and feel like he finds them more attractive than me even though these two females, the one is bisexual and the other one is engaged, because it bothers me and I cant seem to fight it off. And it’s hard for me to live in the end where my SP loves me and only has eyes for me when I see him around other girls. It bothers me very much.


    1. Happy New Year my love! The thoughts about these other women are nothing to do with your SP or relationship. It’s more to do with yourself. Jealousy normally stems from insecurity and not feeling good enough for your SP. If you had strong self concept and self love, you wouldn’t care about these other women because you’d be confident that your SP only wants you and no one else. I would suggest working on some self love affirmations to boost your self confidence 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for answering that. I knew there was something more about my insecurities and fear of abandonment. Someone literally attacked me and told me to drop my SP since he is famous and he can have anyone he wants and I should just find someone “normal”, and I’m pretty sure he is not that type of guy just because he is famous, it’s not like regular guys are any better. This person was very passive aggressive and my whole day is just so dark thanks to her. And is it true that you cant manifest a person that you want because they are famous and they dont know you exist? Are they still in my reality even though they dont know me? I mean, I’m pretty sure I created that famous person since I want them, right? Today is just not my day😂


    1. You have to remember that person is also you pushed out, therefore everything they told you, must have been your thoughts or insecurities deep down about the situation. What were your thoughts to create them saying that to you, ask yourself. You can have anyone you want, if you believe and are confident enough to think you can have them and they would want you 🙂


  3. Any tips on how to feel affirmations more real? I’ve been affirming the opposite of my negative beliefs for months now, and they still haven’t become my dominant thoughts


    1. There could be two main reasons for this, either the affirmations you’re using do not resonate with you, in the sense your affirmations should be thoughts you would naturally think if you already had your desire. Another reason could be you’re still spending more time focusing on the negative thoughts than you are the positive thoughts. The dominant thoughts will always be the ones you focus on the most.

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  4. I’ve been manifesting my sp, using scripting mainly. My thoughts became much more positive, but then I thought what if i apply affirmations? Cause i already manifested many things like that. I was thinking about saying “sp is my boyfriend” (i can be very very persistant with affirmations) will that work? Ive never used affirmations for something “big” but as it worked in the future… It would be the easiest thing to do for me


    1. You can use whatever technique you like, scripting or affirmations, the point of the techniques is to help you get into the state of having your desire, but the most important thing is the mental diet. What are you thinking and what thoughts are you entertaining when you’re not doing your techniques.


  5. Hello. Live your blog and so happy that you manifested your SP. 😁👍
    I have a few question. I am also manifesting my SP. So for abour a week I decide that I am stopping with a middle, it’s so exhausted🙈. I just decide my SP is mine, and my only affirmation is, I am happily married to SP, or Why am I now happily married to SP? All other small affirmation are coming and it’s great. So I am focusing on the end, and always say:I am woman that has it all. Because for me it’s easier to do it like this. Also, alfer only one week I really started to belive that everything is possible and that my thoughts create my reality. Still the full belive must come. It’s a process. I know 😁
    But what I want to ask and say, is it normal and ok that my brain by himself just say, I mean I don’t even think about my affirmation, my brain by himself says I am happily married to SP, like it’s paste there. 😁 And also when I look at my phone, always says: he is my husband, he text every day, and video call…ect. On that I still have to work 😁
    Tnx, your rock. 😁👍


    1. Thank you for the kind words, and I’m glad you find the blog helpful. When your mind naturally starts repeating your affirmations when you think of your desire without you trying, that means this is now becoming your dominant thought hence why the brain is automatically repeating it. Now you must persist in this, for it to manifest into your 3D reality. You have got this 🙂


  6. Thank you for your fast reply. 😁
    Also, one question. Is it ok if I say my affirmation like 10000 times a day?😁🙈
    Sometimes when I say it I feel happy, sometimes it’s just like words, natural, sometimes I cry of happiness, and sometimes there is that little negative thoughts, but I do it anyway. I say no, I am happily married to my SP. 😁
    And sometimes in my reality I say ok, it’s not here, but it’s going to be. It has to, because I say what I desire, desaiers me. And is it ok to sometimes not fully belive its going to come, but continue to persist in that one affirmation? Also, is it ok to talk to myself in my head like my brain tells me he is yours, you are great, it’s gong to come, and I say hells yeah. 😁
    Sometimes I pretend that my SP is with me, and a have a conversation with him 🙈 Am I crazy or what?😁


    1. You can affirm as much as you want, there is no right or wrong amount to affirm, the more you affirm the quicker the mind will adapt. This is not delusional or crazy at all. This is manifesting, knowing what is in your mind is more real than what you are seeing in the 3D world. What you’re describing is the perfect way to manifest, remaining in the new story of your desire until it manifests into your 3D.


      1. OK. Thank you. It’s like, yesterday when I was cleaning the kitchen, I was speaking outloud, like he is with me in our kitchen. I felt it real. Like normal thing. I still know I need to work on myself and affirmations, but as days passes, it getting easier. Also, i totally give up to manifest texts and calls, because that always gets me into point of neediness, obbsesion, fear, like is it here, is it here, so I just said, no I want everything from him, and everything I will get. And it’s somehow easier to affirm the end. Last night I was sleeping and said to myself , it so nice my husband is getting home, so he is with me in bed, and sleep next to him. Sometimes, when I driving in my mind I get a picture of him, and like he is sitting on the couch and looking on his phone, and just stares in my picture on his phone. Is that good? 😁 Sometimes we are together on the beach, on bed, whatever. Also, I stopped myself to send him a text or something because I still feel it’s foreced. I don’t want that. I belive that in one point he or I will send that text or call and it will be the thing. I also every day tell my self he is my husband, he is the perfect husband, just like one I want. Loving, loyal, honest, we are best friends, he respects me(for me that’s the most important thing), he takes care of me, his family loves me, his friends, his son, and also I always says that I resepect his son mother, but he is my husband, and we are happily married. 😁 Sometimes in my head I saw myself like I am really happy and say the affirmations, in my head, and I just smile, it’s nice, sometimes I get into command and get mad and then I said whit anger to those negative thoughts, No!, he is my husband and we are happily married. Like, for the first time I know what to do, to manifest texts or calls are cust bread crumbs, nothing else. I want marriage with him, baby, happiness. And today I asked myself how I would feel if I get now everything I want with him, I told myself, it would be peace, and I would be at home, happy and safe.


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