Mental Diet and how to do it

When I first embarked on my manifesting journey, I found lots of people spoke about Mental Diets but no one really explained how to do it correctly or they explained it in a way that confused me even more.

One book I would recommend reading is The 7 day mental diet by Emmet Fox. It is a simple step by step guide on how to do a mental diet.

Mental diet is basically monitoring your thoughts and flipping any negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts or affirmations. You must develop a habit of not entertaining or dwelling in any negative thoughts. Do this until your positive thoughts have been repeated enough times to become your dominant thought. Like any diet, at first this will take dedication and discipline, but it will get easier.

The aim is to catch any negative thoughts and instantly replace them with the new affirmations, never allow the negative thought to finish. This doesn’t mean you can never have a negative thought. That’s not possible, you’re only human. Its ok to have negative thoughts, but never allow yourself to dwell in them for a long time and never let your negative thoughts spiralled out of control. Its ok to cry and let the emotions out but then go back onto your mental diet. If you do have an emotional reaction, it won’t impact your manifestation, as long as you get back onto your mental diet and your positive thoughts outweigh the negative ones.

Repetition is the key here, at the beginning it will feel like work, constantly monitoring your thoughts and replacing them but after a while you’ll noticed the positive thoughts have impressed the subconscious mind. When you think of your desire, it’s the new thoughts that pops up not the old. The main aim of a mental diet is to change the negative habitual thoughts, you have been carrying around for years and overwrite them with the positive thoughts, that align with your desire. Remember a mental diet should be a lifestyle change, something you embody forever, even when you have obtained your manifestation.

This is how I did a mental diet. One day I decided I was going to embark on this change and would fully dedicate myself to it. On the first day, I monitored what came to my mind, when I thought of my desire. Anything positive or negative I wrote it down in my notebook. By the end of the day, I could see a pattern. For some of you it may be obvious from the beginning. For others, if the thoughts are deep embedded in the subconscious mind, it may not be so obvious.

I used these thoughts as the basis to form my affirmations. I made my affirmations short and easy to repeat on a loop. Then every time a negative thought would come to my mind, I would repeat the affirmation on a loop until the negative thought passed. At the beginning, I would take every opportunity I had to repeat my affirmations to myself constantly. When I was in the shower, driving, washing up, going for a walk. I would just repeat the same phrase over and over again.

Another thing I did was, before I went to bed every night, I would set a timer for 5 minutes and I would sit and repeat my affirmations. Before I knew it, every time I thought of my desire my affirmations came to mind and not the anxiety I have previously felt from the negative thoughts. That’s how easy it was, within a month things in my life started to change, people in my life started acting differently, treating me differently, opportunities and money came to me out of the blue, but most importantly I felt different, I felt like the person I had always wanted to be. Confident, happy, ambitious and full of life. If I can do it, so can you, so many people are manifesting their dream lives, you’re no different.

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