Self-love relates to self-concept and self confidence. How you see yourself, what your inner self talk is about yourself and to yourself! Self-love is not necessary to be able to obtain your desires. You have been manifesting your whole life, whether you have self-love or not, but it is a good place to start.

Once you come from a place of confidence, knowing that you can create anything. That you are the God of your reality. God is your own human imagination – Neville Goddard, that you can have, be or do anything you desire, the possibilities are endless.

I personally don’t believe self-love is about sitting there telling yourself you love yourself 24/7, but more about understanding who you truly are, is the God of your reality.  Listen to your inner self talk and understand how you treat and speak to yourself. Do you see yourself as someone who is beautiful, loved, worthy and deserves everything. Or do you see yourself as someone, who isn’t good enough and never gets what they want. Listen to your inner self talk and try to understand the relationship you have with yourself, because this is the most important relationship you will ever have with anyone.

It is sad to see how so many people speak to themselves.  Always putting themselves down with their own self talk. Speaking to themselves in a way they’d never dream of treating someone else. Once you understand the power your inner self talk and thoughts have on your life. You will easily be able to create the life of your dreams. Remember that assumptions, although false, will harden into fact, it’s the law. If you assume you can, then you can. If you assume you can’t, then you can’t.

However, don’t fall into the rabbit hole of thinking you need to go on some spiritual self-love journey, to be able to manifest your desires. That’s not entirely necessary, so avoid developing those limiting beliefs.

You can have low self-love or confidence but still attract your SP because you might believe you have good relationships and people love you, even though you may not completely love yourself. It can be the same with money. You could have low self-love, but think you are a money magnet, and money flows into your life easily and effortlessly. If you entertain these dominant thoughts about relationships and money. This means, you will attract good relationships and an abundance of money into your life regardless of your low self-love.

The most important thing to understand is, who you truly are. The god of your reality and you have the power to change everything in your life. Once you grasp the concept, your thoughts and imagination create your reality, and start to test the law. This will naturally help you develop your self-confidence.

Therefore, to create the life that you want, some simple self-love techniques can be useful. I find the best way to do this is to work on some general and specific beliefs.

The general beliefs would be, you deserve nothing but the best, you know your thoughts create and you are the god of your reality and therefore you can have anything you desire. These will help you build the fundamental beliefs in your own power. Then follow these with some specific beliefs related to your actual desire, such as SP, money, job, lifestyle.

There is a range of techniques (affirmations, meditations, scripting, and visualisation) you can use to boost your self-confidence and embody being the god of your reality. The mirror technique always works well for me, where you stand or sit in front of a mirror and give yourself a prep talk using your affirmations. The techniques you use do not matter. Use what works for you and helps you feel like the person who already has all the things you ever wanted. How confidence would you feel, how would you walk, how would you talk and how would you behave.  Embody that person right now, do not wait for your desire to show up in the 3D world, feel the confidence of knowing it is done.  

Remember, you are the god of your reality. You can have, be or do anything you desire, so do not settle for anything less.

12 thoughts on “Self-Love

  1. Hi sia
    What if you want to manifest multiple things ?
    What would your metal diet be like ?
    I have the perfect life ?


  2. Heya …. Your blog is awesome 😎… Now I had read some where that desire is a gift from God. Is my desire to be with my SP also that ? To desire is to have? Thanks bud.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes, every desire already exists all you have to do is accept it as done and already yours. What you desire, desires you. You wouldn’t desire something if you weren’t meant to have it. The only thing keeping you from your desire is your opposing thoughts and beliefs.


  3. Thanks Bud ! Like how you you know all this it’s amazing. So my Bae and me are not in the contact. But I only want to be with them only. And situation between is bad.


    1. Circumstances don’t matter, people get with their SP everyday. You have to stopping telling yourself there is no contact and it’s bad you will only get more of that. Instead start affirming you speak all the time and you’re so in love with each other.


  4. When it comes to self love/self concept but manifesting an SP, there’s many affirmations which are more about the SP doing something for you to be satisfied like when people affirm “he’s always calling and texting me”, from that, doesn’t it seem we are putting our happiness on them doing that thing and relying on that to satisfy us – like doesn’t the topic of self concept get contradicted if we use affirmations like that which makes it all about them doing something to please us instead of basing it on us? I see some coaches say, in order to not put them on the pedestal by doing this, it’s better to affirm from how you’d feel if what you wanted was happening like ‘I’m so happy that me and sp have great communication’ because this brings it to being about you and yourself… just wanted to know your thoughts


    1. It depends on where you are in your manifesting journey, if you already have a strong self-concept and believe you can have, do or be anything, then you can affirm my SP calls me everyday and they will because you have the confidence behind the affirmation but if your self-concept is no one loves me, my SP is too good for me, then you affirm my SP calls me everyday, this comes from a place of desperation to get them to call you. So it’s not one rule fits all.


  5. Hi, but even if someone doesn’t have the best self concept, and they still affirm “my SP calls me everyday” then isn’t it still coming from a place of lack? Do you believe self concept needs to be fixed first before SP manifesting can happen?


    1. No because someone with a high self concept knows their worth and knows their SP will do anything for them, so they are demanding an SP will call but they don’t care if they call or not. Whereas, someone with a low self-esteem will be begging for the SP to call, because they are desperate for their SP, two very different states.


  6. Hi Sia, I have another question: I often hear about the mirror technique. I simply make statements to myself in the mirror based on Louise L. Hay, but I have heard of people who have “seen” a relative or boss and told them about the desired state. How exactly did you use the mirror technique -an amazing method, for SC anyway.


    1. The mirror technique is simply saying affirmations in the mirror whilst looking into your eyes to convince yourself and build the belief system. I don’t personally use it, therefore, I can’t comment more than that.


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