The power of the inner conversations

“Most of us are totally unaware that our inner conversations are the cause of the circumstances of our life” – Neville Goddard.

Throughout my manifesting journey one of the most important lessons, I’ve learnt is that your self-talk creates your reality. The conversations you have with yourself, and what goes on inside your mind, is what is dictating your future. If you can master your self-talk, you can master manifesting.

A strict mental diet basically means monitoring the thoughts we think and focus on throughout the day and ensuring the thoughts we entertain are positive and from the desired end. These thoughts usually change throughout the day and go from positive to negative, we never stay in the same state or mood all day long. However, it is our job to observe our thoughts and ensure we redirect them when we see them going down the negative spiral.

Self-talk and inner conversations are just the thoughts that are running in the back of our mind on autopilot, the way we speak to ourselves in our mind, the conversations we have with ourselves about our desires and the conversations we have in our mind about and with other people. This is your inner voice, either it is motivating you, telling you, you can do something and have something, or it is limiting you by telling you something is not possible, and you can’t have it. For example, when you think of your desire, what is your inner voice saying to you? That will give you an indication of the current beliefs.

This voice is not bad, or something to worry about. It is just your subconscious mind trying to protect you based on your past experiences. We all build a defence system, and limitations based on what has happened in our past, this is human nature. For example, as a child you touch something hot, and you burn yourself, your mind automatically remembers that incident and next time you go to touch something hot, the mind will stop you to protect you. That is all your mind is doing with your limiting thoughts and beliefs.

However, these limiting thoughts and beliefs are not set in stone, with a little work they can easily be changed. This is done by retraining your mind, with new thoughts and beliefs. Understand life is not happening to you, you are creating it with your inner conversations.

Therefore, it is so important to carefully listen to and monitor those inner conversations going on inside your mind, understand what you are think and focus on. If any of those thoughts or conversations are not positive statements about your desired end, that means those thoughts no longer serve you, therefore you need to change them to what does serve you and relate to your desire. A mental diet is usually the best way to do this, it involves observing your thoughts and changing the negative conversations into positive thoughts and conversations.

  • “I can earn the amount of money I want”.
  • “My SP loves me so much”.
  • “I always get what I want”.
  • “Manifesting is so easy for me”.

At the beginning when you try to change your thoughts and inner conversations, the mind will naturally try to resist because the new thoughts and statements will not be believable and feel uncomfortable to the mind because this is not what the mind is use too but if you persist and keep flipping the thoughts the mind will eventually adapt to the new statements. Because the mind learns by repetition, the more you repeat the new statements, the quicker it will start to believe them as true.

It doesn’t matter if negative thoughts come up, they will and this is normal, but you must remain on a strict mental diet, this means even when the negative thoughts come up you acknowledge them, but you do not focus on or entertain that thought for too long. Never allow the negative thought to spiral out of control and cause you anxiety.

Treat the inner voice like a child, when it is telling you something negative, gently remind the mind, I hear you but that is not true anymore, this is what is now true for me, so you don’t need to worry.

For example, if the inner voice is telling you:

“Your SP no longer loves you; he/she has moved on”.

You need to tell your inner voice:

“No that is not true, he/she loves me so much, they only want to be with me, what happened in the past is no longer important, it’s the past. I always get what I want”.

The most important thing is, in those inner conversations with yourself, you must always have the last word. Make sure the inner conversation is always left on a positive thought, never leave a conversation with yourself on a negative thought. The last thought or statement is usually what manifests.

Everything in your life can change and change quickly, as soon as you become aware of the inner conversations you are entertaining about yourself and others. Control your mind, instead of letting your mind control you.

19 thoughts on “The power of the inner conversations

  1. I was hoping you wrote an article about this!
    So, if I want to think about my sp, can I start an inner conversation from the end, and have fun with that? even if it’s like making up a story? because I think about him a lot, and want to make sure at least I’m doing it in a productive way
    Can you write an article about living in the end?


    1. That’s the best way, have fun with it always ensure your inner conversations are from the desired end. Living in the end basically means you’re confident what you desire is yours, it’s on it’s way and you’ll get it no matter what.


    1. Every desire is possible if you can convince your mind it’s possible. Once you have a desire, it’s already yours the only thing preventing you from having it is your doubts and fears.

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  2. ‘Once you have a desire it is already yours’. How do you know this ? Or have you read it in any specific lecture. I don’t ask as I doubt you but just finding some answers. Cheers.


    1. I suggest you read Neville Goddard and familiarize yourself with his work, this will give you a better understanding. To quote Neville Goddard “All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by imagination and feeling your wish fulfilled”

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  3. Thanks for this article. Everytime when I start to fear that my SP has someone else and doesn’t love me anymore I tell myself that I’m the love of his life and we are happily married. I tested the law a few times with success, but this fear still creeps up and I’m working on that. But how do you deal with the sadness because you miss your SP in the 3D? This is challenging me right now 😦


    1. This shows me you are believing the 3D is more real than your imagination. The way I deal with situations like this is to remind myself the 3D is what it is now because of my past thoughts, but in my mind I know my SP is mine, we’re together in an amazing relationships, he’s always with me. If you think like that, there is nothing to miss right!


  4. Hi Sia! Great blog by the way, I find you provide a lot of good quality information and are a great help for manifesting! I have had some success and do believe there is truth in EIYPO, law of assumption, etc…I only have doubts regarding free-will, probably due to old programming. Although I would like to believe in parallel realities or states of consciousness as Neville Goddard called them, I still struggle with this…I don’t know how to believe I am the only one with free-will in my reality…I think it would help me a lot to believe this. Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Laura, Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to hear you are finding the blog helpful. Manifesting is purely based on what you believe and assume to be true. You don’t have to believe something 100% to manifest it but you do have to believe or assume it is possible. With regards to freewill, I can tell you people don’t have freewill in your life but the only way you’ll truly believe it, is by testing the process for yourself. Test it on friends, family etc… If someone is treating you in a way you don’t like, change your beliefs and assumptions about that person in your mind and wait for the 3D to conform. Testing the law is the only way to believe it.


  5. Hi! I don’t know what to think about free-will in all this? How to believe I’m the only one in my reality? Thank you very much!,


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