This is your story so make it a good one

If you’ve been following conscious manifesting for a while, you’re probably very familiar with terms such as think from, state and new story. With so much information out there, all these terms can get very confusing, but basically it all means, kind of the same thing. Your own imagination and thoughts are what is creating your entire world. You are always telling yourself a story, you live from that story you are telling yourself, and this story is what causes your state. You are the author of your life story, so why not make it a good one.

You are manifesting your whole life based on the story you are telling yourself in your mind, by your thoughts and inner self talk. Most people get caught up in the old story, based on their fears, thoughts, experiences, and allow the past to dictate their future. You end up repeating the old story from the past, overthinking that situation and this is what is creating your future.

When we refer to a story in manifesting, it’s basically the story that is constantly running in the background of your mind. It’s usually on autopilot and normally repeating an experience or situation from the past. When you constantly keep dwelling (this means thinking and entertaining a thought for a period of time) from that old story, that becomes your dominants thought, and you continue to repeat that story, play it over and over again in your mind like a movie. This is what is keeping you stuck in a rut, because based on the basic principles of manifesting, you get what you focus on. If you keep focusing on the past, what went wrong, how sad you are, that is what you will continue to get more of.

If you want to change what you’re currently experiencing in your 3D world, you must change the story or movie you are playing on repeat in your mind. Think of it like this, you’ve been given the power to be the author of your own life. You can rewrite your whole story from this point onwards. Imagine, how you’d want your future self to be, what do you want to experience in life, who do you want to be surrounded by. Think of your dream life and write that story, right now and become the lead actor of your movie in your mind. Have fun with it, imagine playing that new character in your mind, how would they behave, how would they feel, how would you talk. You can embody that person right now. Remember, you are the author of your life, therefore everything and everyone in your story must play their roles, exactly how you want them too. Nothing can happen in your story, unless you say so, and if you’re not happy with something, simply change it by rewriting another story.

Nothing stands between you and the fulfilment of your dreams but facts – and facts are the creations of imagining. If you change your imagining, you will change the facts – Neville Goddard.

Here is an example of an old story vs a new story of someone trying to manifest their dream job.

Old story (current reality):

  • There are no good roles out there
  • I don’t have the experience to get my dream job
  • I never succeed in the interview process, they always select other people
  • There is so much competition for my dream role
  • It’s so difficult to get into this organisation

New story (desired reality):

  • I always get every job I want
  • It was so easy to get my dream job
  • I am the perfect candidate for this role
  • I love my new job I am so good at it
  • My boss thinks I’m amazing and I’m the best person for the job

Can you see, as soon as you start to think from the new story, this will automatically change your feelings and state, from wanting to already having. Now imagine the mindset change you would have, going from being someone who is living from the old story to someone who is living from the new story. Would both these people have the same mindset and act the same way, of course they wouldn’t. You must be the person with the mindset of who already has their desire and is living from the end of that new story.

You can have, been or do anything you want, you are the god of your reality and all your desires are there for you to obtain. You don’t have to worry about the how and when. You must simply do the work and dedicate yourself to controlling your thoughts and changing your mindset. The desire is already yours, so accept it as yours and truly live from the new story. You know the 3D will eventually conform, it has too. Therefore, you know you don’t have to look at the 3D world for reassurance because your new reality in your imagination is more real than the 3D world.

The most important part is, you must persist in the new story even if the reality pushes against you. You will know you’re completely living from the new story when nothing in the 3D world can phase you or move you from your new state. Where your mind is occupied by your desired thoughts more than the past or current reality. When you have full faith and confidence your desire is yours, nothing can take it away from you, it’s inevitable, even if it’s not happened yet, it will, and nothing can stop it from happening.

Have that much faith in your new story that it becomes an unshakable fact, and if you persist in it for long enough, you will always see the results in your 3D world.

13 thoughts on “This is your story so make it a good one

  1. If it’s a big desire will it take longer to manifest? I’m sorry but when I read not to think about the when and how it gives me anxiety and it makes me worry even more about the when.


    1. It depends on the person. If you tell yourself big desires take longer to manifest than that is your assumption so it will take you longer. For other people there is no big or small desire they can have anything they want quickly, for them it will not take long.


  2. Can I revise my entire relationship with my SP . I mean all the events of last few years that resulted in me identifying him in a certain way and my thought patterns. Can I switch to a Parallel Reality where our break ups don’t happen and we are married to each other now ?


    1. Yes you can revise the past to how you wanted it to be. However, the main principle of manifesting is you get what you focus on, so try not to focus on the past, instead focus on what you do want. There is a parallel reality where you are married to your SP but to get there in your 3D, you have to first get there and remain there in your imagination.


  3. I saw on the internet by some people that were saying how my sp wont date a foreigner because he is very bad with english and he is only into this one specific kind of girls and that wasn’t my nationality at all and that really hurt me and also that he only wants someone up to 6 years younger than him and we have 9 years age gap. I got so angry and anxious but I didn’t cry. What should I do?


    1. These are all circumstances, they do not matter. They will only manifest into your life if you focus on them, you should not be reacting to things like this. You need to get to a place, where you see it but can ignore it, because you know it is not true for you. Even by writing this message, you’re affirming it as true, by giving focus to it.


  4. I am feeling so drained. Been trying to manifest my SP for so long but nothing has happened. Intact my 3D has gotten worse. I am even thinking if I can perceive being with my SP is that real or just a dillussion. Will it ever happen for me. please help. It feels my soul has left my body.


    1. Please don’t take this the wrong way but read your comment, it shows your state of mind. It’s all affirming the lack, I’m drained, it’s been so long, nothing has happened, my 3D has got worse, is being with my SP delusional, if this is what you’re focusing on, clearly these are your dominant thoughts, are you really shocked your 3D hasn’t conformed? To manifest your SP you have to forget the old story, and fully commit to your desire, trust in the process and know even if it’s not happened yet, it is on it’s way. You’re worthy of having your SP and it will happen not matter what.


  5. I won’t take your comment the wrong way because I really want constructive criticism to change my life. I just wanna know how do you stay in your desire reality for a dominant time when 3D is so conflicting? Just ignore it ?


    1. You have to remember the 3D is just a reflection of your past negative thoughts, you can’t go back and change the past so the best thing to do is forget it and focus on the future and what you want.


  6. Hi, I have a question! I’m manifesting a relationship with someone who is currently in a relationship with someone else. Can I decide the story of why their relationship ended with this other person? When thinking from the end, my mind seems to naturally wander to the reason why their relationship ended and why I am together with this person now. But I’m not sure if this is focusing on the “how”.


    1. Your focus should be you and how you’re a better match for your SP and they realise they only want to be with you. You can imagine the 3P going off with someone else or not being right for your SP but I wouldn’t give it any more focus than that.


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