Affirmations and why they are so important?

Our current reality is normally the result of a narrative we’ve been telling ourselves over time. We’ve repeated this narrative so many times, that it’s harden into fact in our 3D world.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome self-sabotaging negative thoughts. We can use affirmations to change the narrative of our story to something more positive, that aligns with our desires.

Let’s take the SP as an example: if you have split up with an ex, had a bad relationship in the past, or think your SP is out of your league, or you’re not good enough. You’re probably having thoughts like:

  • He/She no longer loves me
  • He/She has moved on
  • We haven’t been in contact for ages
  • Too much has happened between us to put this right
  • I am not the sort of person they would ever date

I could go on and on, but I am sure you get where I am going with this. If you keep repeating these stories over and over again. Guess what, these assumptions will soon harden into facts and this is exactly what you will get more of in your 3D world.

Instead you need to take all these thoughts that come to your mind and flip them to something that matches your desires.  Write them down at first, if you need to, as you might not even be aware, you’re having these thoughts running in the back of your mind.

So, for example you would change the above negative thoughts too.

  • He/She loves me
  • I am the only person they ever want to be with
  • He/She calls and messages me all the time
  • He/She always forgives me quickly and easily
  • He/She is so attracted to me, I am the only person they ever look at.

Did you notice how when you read the negative affirmations, you automatically felt sad but as soon as you read the positive affirmations, you automatically feel better. The brain cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. Hence why, when you see something sad happen in a movie, you automatically begin to cry. Your body cannot tell the difference.

That is the aim of the affirmations, to trick the mind into thinking this is your new reality. The continuous repetition will make it more believable to the brain, until it becomes your dominant thought. If at the beginning you don’t believe the affirmations that’s normal, you’re not going to believe it at first, you have years of negative habitual thinking to overcome but persist, do not give up. The more you repeat it to yourself, the more believable it will become, until it turns into your dominant thought.

The main question I get asked is, what affirmations should I use. Do they need to be said in a certain way? The answer to that is, No. I would recommend using affirmations that feel natural to you and that resonate with you. You are always speaking to yourself in your mind, use the same language you use. This will be more natural to you and easier for the subconscious mind to accept.

No matter what you’re manifesting, I would recommend having both general and specific affirmations. People tend to have less resistance to the general affirmations, compared to the specific ones.

General affirmations

  • Isn’t it wonderful
  • I am beautiful, sexy and smart
  • Everybody loves me
  • I always get everything I want
  • I am a master manifestor and manifesting is so easy for me
  • I know my thoughts create

Specific affirmations

  • SP Name loves me
  • SP Name misses me
  • I am the only person he/she wants
  • SP Name always calls and messages me
  • We have the perfect relationship

Another thing to bear in mind is CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT MATTER. You can manifest anything you desire; the answer is always yes, you can have it. The current reality you’re experiencing in the 3D world, is just a reflection of your past habitual thoughts. All you must do is change your story from the old to the new and persist in it, until it appears into your 3D world.

13 thoughts on “Affirmations and why they are so important?

  1. All is mind says that affirmations work if you feel them .. when I’m affirming
    “I have a salary of 25k aed” which I don’t have and don’t feel will it work anyways ?


    1. I have mentioned this in the affirmations and mental diet post. That feeling isn’t a feeling of excitement or happiness, it’s a feeling of confidence. The subconscious mind works on habit, hence why I say repetition is so important, the mind won’t believe it at first but if you keep repeating something, the mind will start to believe it and it’s the belief that manifests.


  2. I’m sorry I must have missed that earlier .
    Thank you for explaining it again with such ease and clarity !


  3. Hi Sia, I have a question and want to know what you think about this: if I affirm something, will the universe always show me confirmation that what I affirm (and got to believe) is true? for example, if I affirm “sp is obsessed with me”, will the universe give me confirmation about this, or could the sp be in fact obsessed with me, even if I cant actually see confirmation about that? hope you understand my question! I am curious.


    1. If you persist for long enough, your world and people in it will conform to your assumptions. What you continuously focus on will materialise into your 3D world. Once you start affirming something, the other person will start thinking about you, moving towards you and if you persist, they will come into your 3D, the only thing you don’t know is when and how but if you stay true to the desire it will manifest, it has too it’s the law.


    1. Yes, it will feel uncomfortable at first because your mind is not use to it, but the more you affirm the quicker the mind will adapt. If the affirmations are causing too much resistance, you can change the wording for example “he calls me everyday” to “I know he is going to call me”. It’s implying the same thing, but use words that resonate with you and make you will good about the situation. Persistence and a mental diet are key.


  4. Hi, I understand we should be affirming consistently & persistently in our set affirmations & not changing them, sticking to them but slightly confused when we are changing the old story into a new story, some of the statements that may be said when saying a new story also sound like affirmations, so then doesn’t it seem like we’re saying multiple different affirmations when we change the story along with us already saying our current set of affirmations with that. Hopefully that makes sense lol so it’s like we have our set affirmations which we say & then we have all these others we also keep saying when we change the story, especially when old stories pop up & we’re changing it into positive new ones but if we’re doing that often, we could be saying multiple different statements which seem like we’re saying so many affirmations in a way


    1. Hi Viki, an affirmation resonates with you and evokes an emotion. Mindless repetition is repeating empty words that don’t resonate, hence why I say use your own affirmations that resonate with you.


  5. Even after a toxic relationship? And no contact and he is with someone else, because he left tou for said person?

    At firat I was obsessed but now I’m mwntal dieting. Though is hard ro believe he would forgive that easily. Been more than 1 year and a half. Different countries, etc.
    I don’t know if I should givw up manifesting him, aceept ecerything and just keep him in my heart as a memory.

    I read Dr Murphy’s abd avout subconcious mind I ame ro the same conclusions, but due to past mistakes and behaviours I find it quite unlikely.
    I never got to fully read Neville, because there are so many references to Biblw, Murphy has a few too, but Neville is full and feom my perspective as an agnostic since it happened I feel like I can’t connwct fully to his ideology.

    Should I just get myself in order first?


    1. If you don’t resonate with Neville you can try other authors that may resonate better. Such as, some of my other favourites are Joseph Murphy, Maxwell Maltz, Paul McKenna. Only you can decide if you want to manifest him back or not.


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