How to speed up your manifestation

In the last post, I went over the reasons why it may take some people longer than expected to get results. In this post, I am going to discuss how you can get results fast. This is based on my own personal experience of manifesting, how I have done it quickly myself and how I have helped others to do it.

The most important thing is, to understand the basics of the law and develop your self-concept. This means you fully accept and recognize, that your imagination and thoughts is the only real consciousness. Nothing was ever created in the 3D world that was not first imagined. Your thoughts are what is creating your reality, and you and only you are in control of your destiny and world. You accept that you’re the most important person in your life, no one can do anything to you, without your permission, therefore don’t give anyone that power over you. Remember the law is always working, therefore, either you control your thoughts to create the life of your dreams, or you let your thoughts run on habitual auto-pilot and keep getting more of what you’re getting.

If you have a desire, that means it was meant to be yours. You wouldn’t have a desire if you were not meant to experience it in your life. Select your desire and look at it, as if it’s already yours now. What would your story be if you already had what you wanted; it was already yours in the 3D world now. What would you be doing, who would you be, and how would you feel? That new story, is your living from the end. You declare your desire as yours, it’s already done and happening now.

I have mentioned this before, the technique you use does not matter. You can use any technique you like SAT’s, visualising, scripting, or affirmations. The point of the technique, is to help you live from the end; live from the new story you have created. The key here is repetition, therefore do whatever technique you feel resonates with you, but do it on a continuous basis. You are trying to rewire the mind, to forget the current negative story of the 3D world and replace it with the new desired story. You must convince the subconscious mind; the new story is now your reality.

A strict mental diet is the most essential part of manifesting, in my experience. No matter what technique you use to live from the end, of the new story. The only way to stop yourself from falling back into the old negative story, is to keep on top of your mental diet. Watch the thoughts that come into your mind, whenever you’re not doing a technique. You must monitor your self-talk and stop entertaining any thoughts that oppose your desired end. Always, listen to your self-talk, that will let you know your current state. If you feel yourself falling back into the old state/story, quickly catch it and flip it around to the new story.

“Whenever inner speech and desire are in conflict, inner speech invariably wins” – Neville Goddard.

You must accept the 3D world for what it is, a shadow world based on your past thoughts. If you continue to react to it, you will just get more of what you don’t want. Understand your current circumstances do not matter, it has all been created by your insecurities and negative habitual thinking. Come to peace with the current circumstances and 3D world, accept you’ve created this. This is where letting go comes in, it means you must let go of all the negative thoughts, pain, desperation, and old story of the past. Now you’ve learnt how to discipline the mind and entertain new thoughts, you understand this will soon pass, and it won’t be long before your new story is reflected into the 3D world.  

Don’t overcomplicate the process, by forcing yourself to believe something 100% or trying to force a feeling, that will all come naturally with repetition. You’re probably not going to believe it 100%, until your desire manifests into your 3D but you do have to believe in the law and your thoughts create. Your only job is to watch your thoughts and inner self talk and not entertain anything that doesn’t correlate with your desire. Everything else will fall into place. You don’t have to worry about the when or how, just know it’s done and inevitable. Keep testing the law with everything, to build your belief system.

Nothing in the world has a meaning until you give it a meaning, based on your assumptions and perception of that event. Everything is neutral, until you give it a positive or negative meaning. Therefore, if you chose to see something as a sign, and it makes you feel happy and positive, see it as a sign. You decide, therefore give everything you are experiencing a positive meaning, avoid associating any negative feelings with anything.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – Dr Wayne Dyer.  

In my experience, the reason most people fail to manifest something is because they don’t persist for long enough. They lose faith in the process and give up on their desire and fall back into the old story. Repetition and persistence are the key to getting what you desire, to appear in the 3D world. You must keep repeating the new story and persisting in it, until it appears in your reality. It will appear in your reality when it has been impregnated on your subconscious mind enough to rewrite the old assumptions. Remember that assumptions, although false, will harden into fact, it’s the law. You just have to remain patient and trust the process.

You will know you’re at that point when you have full confidence your desire is yours, nothing can take it away from you, it’s inevitable, even if it’s not happened yet, it will and nothing can stop it from happening. When you get to that point, it’s done.

The time it takes to get there will be different for every person, depending on your past thoughts, assumptions, desire, the amount of time your spending doing your affirmations, how strict your mental diet is, it all plays a part. Never compare your progress to someone else’s. Just have faith in the process, and know if you persist in your desire, and do the work, the 3D will eventually conform, it has too, it’s the law.

Finally become a “doer” not a “hearer”. People spend so much time learning the law, but it is the actual practice that will get you the results. The more you practice on a daily basis, the quicker your mind will change, and your desire will appear in your 3D world. So, it’s up to you, either you dedicate the time to discipline the mind, to get the life of your dreams or you can remain stuck where you are, in the victim mode.

Remember, the chose is always yours.

26 thoughts on “How to speed up your manifestation

  1. Sia this is a lovely post as always .. Please could you help me how to get married to my SP and have babies with him . I try to change my state but it seems so far from my current reality. Gracie.


    1. Thank you, if you think it seems too far from the current reality. I recommend you work on understanding the law and your self-concept. Test the law to build your belief system, once you understand your own power and ability, nothing will seem out of reach.


    1. I would affirm they are no longer in your life. Listen to your self-talk about this person or stalkers in general, that will tell you your core beliefs and assumptions.


      1. Hi Sia

        I love your blog. I have a question with regards to affirmations and mental diet. I understand to confirm on a subject whenever I think of it. However with regards to money I have learnt not to focus on it much only when I go to a shop or need to pay something which is not very often once a week I would say. Whole day I am thinking of my day to day living like love life or work etc. I think my suppression on money has been learnt with LOA where they say to only focus on positive thoughts so you attract positivity and cut all negative thinking. Deep down subconsciously though I must have a negative story as my finances are reflecting that. Its not bad its just not abundant. Do I teach myself to start affirming on money even if I don’t think of it consciously?


      2. You have to see what your money mindset is and what your dominant thoughts are around money, if your money mindset is you’re abundant, you have lots of money, money comes to you from everywhere and anywhere and you always have enough, then of course you don’t have to change your mindset because you already have it but if that is not the case then you must have a lack money mindset, that means you have to do some work to change it, at the beginning you may have to do affirmations, until naturally your dominant thoughts about money are of abundance. When you think of money, what are the first thoughts that come to your mind, that is your money mindset and starting point.


  2. Sia thanks for the reply. Can you suggest what affirmations I might use to change my state from being single to being my SPs wife.


    1. I have some basic affirmations on the affirmations and why they are so important post.


  3. I should tell this. Your articles are damn clear. Whenever I need to boost my confidence I just go through your articles that’s all enough for me.


  4. I want the stalker to leave office and my reality forever and respect my boundaries. But when I’m going to work I fear if I will bump into him. And I tried affirmation he has left but again I saw him next day.


    1. You have to ignore him, if you fear bumping into him, your dominant thought is bumping into him, so that is what you’re getting, that needs to change. Keep affirming and persist regardless of what the 3D is showing you.


  5. hi! firstly, i just wanted to say, thank you SO much for creating this blog, it’s helped me tremendously!! i found it from reddit, and i just truly want to thank you so much for your simplified teachings.
    the one thing that i get stuck with is my relation to the 3D world. i’ve done what you done as mental diet and affirmations also work for me best and get me into the feeling of the wish fulfilled; however, i still feel confused as to how to think of the 3D. my thoughts are saying “i am SP’s girlfriend, i am employed in my perfect job,” etc etc all happening right here, right now. however, when i look at the 3D, i’m confused on whether or not to say “it won’t be long before this new story is reflected in the 3D” or “the 3D is showing me exactly what i believe” as if it’s all true right now. i’ve been strictly monitoring my thoughts and i already know that i am actually SP’s girlfriend and i am actually employed in my perfect job, i 100% feel and believe it to be true right now, but just thinking in relation to the 3D world still confuses me a bit and i feel like this is the only thing that’s holding me back from truly living in the wish fulfilled.
    i hope my comment/question makes sense any help on this would be very much appreciated! thank you so much again xxx


    1. Hi Brianna, thank you for the lovely feedback, I’m so glad you find the blog helpful. The way I deal with the 3D is by convincing myself, I know my thoughts create and correlating the current 3D world with the past negative thoughts. Then I remind myself, I know my thoughts create, therefore all I have to do is remain true to my desire in my mind, and it will soon appear in my 3D world. It’s evitable, so will happen any time now and nothing can stop it from happening. I hope that helps 🙂


  6. perfect, thank you so much for your reply! it helps tremendously, i genuinely do appreciate it so much! 😊😊 have a lovely day/night xx


  7. What should one be doing once you reached the state of knowing? I read somewhere that if you cant see your desire in 3d then its because the subconscious its not impressed but, theres also the bridge of incidents… so Im confused


    1. Once you’re in the state of knowing, where you’re confident that your desire is yours and nothing can take it away, naturally your thoughts will be from a desired end because you know it’s a done deal. The time it takes for something to appear in your 3D is normally dependent on the time it takes you to convince yourself it’s already done. A bridge of incidents are normally how the desire comes into your 3D, things need to conform and adjust in the 3D to bring your desire to you.


  8. Your story has helped me a lot to keep persisting every single day and I cant thank you enough for sharing it. I am trying to affirm 24/7 and also record my affirmations during the day so it sinks into my subconscious whenever I am focused on something else and have a fleeting thought. For 2-3 days I DID experience the natural feeling you referred to, so I am glad that I know what that feels like 🙂 I know I need to keep persisting and affirming.

    I have a question – in keeping up with my mental diet, and when I find opposing thoughts, I try to flip it immediately but sometimes it leaves a feeling of anxiety. I continue to affirm despite that whenever I can – is this normal? When that feeling comes over I feel like I am unable to affirm so it would just make sense to listen to the affirmations instead. Thank you so much, you have been a blessing.


    1. I’m glad my story was able to help you. In times of anxiety I would not try to affirm over it, as that can make you swirl out of control. The best thing to do during those times, is to remind yourself you are in control, you don’t need to worry and gently remind yourself you are the god of your reality, so there is nothing to fear 🙂


  9. Hi Sia – “You will know you’re at that point when you have full confidence your desire is yours, nothing can take it away from you, it’s inevitable, even if it’s not happened yet, it will and nothing can stop it from happening. When you get to that point, it’s done.”

    Is it possible to get to this point and then still feel a wobble?

    Also emailed you re coaching thank you!


    1. Hi Divina, if you feel a wobble with your emotions, that means you don’t yet fully believe it’s yours. The main thing to understand is it’s ok to have a wobble, but you have to be aware of your conscious, identify it and move on, do not dwell in the negativity or let it drag you down.


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