Focus to make yourself believe

I cannot stress this enough, the only way to make yourself believe in the law and your own power, is to test it. You can watch a hundred videos, and read countless articles, but the only way to strengthen your belief and ability to manifest, is to implement the teaching into your daily life. Even Neville Goddard stresses the importance of testing the law for yourself.

The technique you use does not matter, use whatever works for you and makes you dwell in the wish fulfilled, like your desire is already yours. For me, a strict mental diet and affirmations are the most effective, but I know people that get great results from visualising, SATS and meditation. The main thing is to practice whatever technique you have selected on a regular basis. The aim of the technique is to impress your subconscious mind and accept your desire as your new reality. Repetition and persistence are the key.

Remember you have been manifesting your whole life. So, I believe you don’t have to do anything, that you didn’t do before. Don’t fall into the trap of developing unnecessary limiting beliefs, that you must do X, Y or Z otherwise you won’t be able to manifest. I personally don’t refer to my desires as big or small either, that in my eyes is another limitation. Manifesting is manifesting, you can have any desire just as easily.

I would suggest looking at your current situation, even if it is not desired. How did you manifest it? The likelihood is you built a narrative of a story in your head, repeated it over and over, until it caused you anxiety and in turn made you overthink the situation even more, and then it manifested into your reality, right? Therefore, to manifest your desire, you must do the same thing in reverse. Create a new story, repeat it over and over, then live in the end until it manifests into your reality.

Living in the end means embodying the person you would be if you already had your desire, using your imagination and new story to get into that feeling of knowing your desire is already yours. Ignore the 3D reality and stay true to your desire.

“What would you feel like if now you were the man that you want to be? How would you see the world if things were as you desire them to be? Now, this is what I mean by “living in the end.’” Neville Goddard

Always remember the current reality is just an echo of your past thoughts.

Personally, I don’t think you can mess with the middle either. I have manifested so many things by manifesting in stages. For example, if you’re manifesting money and you’re affirming you’re a millionaire, but your bank balance is in overdraft. For your mind to accept you’re a millionaire, it may take time and convincing and there will be an uphill struggle against your current beliefs but if you affirm, you’re receiving $5000 that may be more convincing to you and easier for the mind to accept. Therefore, you can live in the end of receiving $5000. Once you’ve manifested the $5000, the mind will automatically start to believe in the process and build its faith naturally. 

The most important thing is to test the law to build your faith in the process. Pick a technique that resonates with you, develop a routine, and repeat it every day. The key is repetition and persistence, it normally takes the mind around 21 days to build a habit. Therefore, I would suggest picking one technique or one set of affirmations and focusing on it daily for a minimum of 21 days. Keep going until you have achieved your desire. Avoid, jumping from one technique to another, or constantly changing your affirmations, when you do this, all you are doing is confusing the mind. The only way your manifest won’t show up is if you give up or keep affirming it’s not working. There is no need to over complicate it. It’s your reality, you make the rules that work for you.

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