Everybody Is You Pushed Out (EIYPO) explained

The concept of Everybody Is You Pushed Out (EIYPO) can be intimidating at first. However, once you grasp the basic principles of it, you will realise the power you hold to change everything in your world.

Everybody Is You Pushed Out implies that you’re the only one in your reality. Every person, situation, and circumstance you experienced in your life, is based on your thoughts and assumptions of it. What you believe, assume, or chose to deem as real will eventually harden into fact and manifest into your 3D world. 

What the world reflects back to you, can either be based on your specific assumptions or general assumptions. General assumptions can be beliefs you assume to be true such as “the world is not a safe place”, “all men/women are cheaters”, “money doesn’t grow on trees” “Everyone can make money and make it big” “the world is full of so many opportunities” or “the world is full loving people”. People can show up and act a certain way in your life, based on deep routed general assumptions. It does not necessarily mean you thought that particular person was a certain way.

Whereas specific assumptions can be beliefs you hold about yourself or another person “I am too fat for someone to love me”, “I can have any person I want” “My SP is disloyal”, “My SP loves me” or “I always get what I want”. Do you see these statements aren’t facts, they are just assumptions you hold  but because you have built them up to be true in your mind over time, that is what is reflected back to you. The more you assume something to be true, the more likely you are to experience it in your life.

Let’s take the example Neville Goddard used about a woman who had difficulties in working with her employer. She was convinced he criticised and rejected her best efforts. Neville observed if she thought him as unfair, she herself was in need of a new conversation piece. No doubt she was mentally arguing with her employer. Others only echo what we whisper to them in secret. She confessed she argued with him mentally all day long. She agreed to change her inner conversations with her employer. She imagined he had congratulated her on her fine work and she thanked him for his praise and kindness. She soon discovered it was her own attitude that was the cause of all her problems. The behaviour of her employer reversed itself. Our inner conversations and assumptions are the cause of the circumstances in our lives. We must take life consciously, solutions to all our problems lie within us.

Did you see, how the woman assumed her boss was unfair and unappreciative, therefore that is how he appeared in her reality. As soon as she changed her assumptions and inner talk about him, he conformed to the new role she had assigned him. You can’t change people in the 3D world without changing them in your imagination first.

Let’s look at it from a SP perspective. If you view your SP as someone who hurt you, they don’t love you and will never commit to you. That is how they have to appear in your life. No amount of arguing, fighting, forcing them to change in the 3D world, will ever work because they have to play the role you have assigned them. If you want them to apologise, love you and commit to you. You have to change the story you are repeating about them in your mind. Once you change the assumptions and thoughts you hold of them, they will eventually conform to the new role.

If you believe in the principle your thoughts & imagination create your reality and everyone is you pushed out. You can’t be angry or resentful against people because you have to take responsibility for the fact, that your thoughts have created them to appear this way. People aren’t doing anything to you, it’s your thoughts and assumptions that are causing the undesired situations. Therefore, the only person you have to really forgive for creating this situation is yourself and only you can change it.

Some people ask, if someone is treating me bad, have I created them to behave that way towards me. Maybe you haven’t created that specific person that way based on your assumptions of them, but maybe they’ve appeared in your life because of your assumptions about yourself. “I am not worthy of a good person”, “I don’t deserve to be happy”, “no one loves me”, “everyone treats me bad”. Once again, that person will conform to a new version, once you change the story about yourself.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore or put up with their bad behaviour towards you in the 3D world. If someone isn’t treating you how you want them to treat you, remove yourself from that situation. Don’t react or argue, just remove yourself and work on improving the concept of yourself and them in your mind. You can’t change them in the 3D world anyway. So many people fear, if they don’t keep in touch with their SP, or pander to their every request. They will end up losing them and therefore, are willing to put up with disrespectful behaviour. No amount of begging, chasing or desperation will ever attract someone back to you, because it is not an attractive trait. If you don’t value yourself, how can you expect someone else to value you, because everyone is you pushed out. In this case, I would recommend working on your self-love and confidence and taking time for yourself. Once you change your assumptions of yourself, the SP will automatically come back, they always do. You need to be the most important person in your life, then others will follow.

Always listen to your inner self talk, about yourself, others, and the world. This will give you all the answers you need. The law of assumption is always working. Look back at your own life and inner self talk and relate those conversations to the people or situations you have attracted in your life. You will start to see the correlation.

If you master your self-talk and thoughts, you can master your world because everybody or everything is just you pushed out.

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  1. Ӏ wanted to thank you for this fantastiс reɑd!! I absolutely enjoyed eѵeгy ⅼittle bit of it.
    Ι have you saved as a favoritе to look at new stuff you post…


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