How I manifest my desires

I’ve been receiving lots of emails, asking if I would do a “how I got my SP back” course. There is no specific technique that is required to manifest an SP back. Manifesting isn’t complicated, in fact it is easy, we are doing it all the time, but to be able to consciously manifest, you have to be willing to dedicate yourself to the process.

In this post I will share how I personally manifest ALL my desires.

Step 1: Know what you want.

Be very clear about your desire, be as specific as you can. What is it that you actually want and why, be completely honest with yourself, what will you achieve and how will you feel when you have what you want? Some people say they want their SP but truly what they are searching for is love, security, acceptance, and companionship. Having a clear idea on what you desire and why, will help you create your new story and keep you focused on the end goal.

Step 2: Change the story

Identify what habitual thoughts are keeping you stuck in the old pattern. Decide from this point onwards, you are going to drop the old story, it’s the past therefore no longer relevant to the future. There is nothing you can do about the past, you can’t go back and change it, so it’s best to forget it. Revise it if you have too, but the plan is from this point onwards the old story remains where it should, in the past.

Circumstances do not matter, and what’s happened in the past does not matter. Accept all these unfavourable situations happened due to your past habitual negative thoughts and realise only you have the  ability to change and control this. This is why self-concept work is so important, to emphasis your own abilities and powers. Spend some time working on your self-concept, testing the law on other desires, you have less attachment too, this will help build your faith in the process.

Now you realise you’re the god of your reality and your thoughts create your life. Think of a new story, if you were the author of your book, how would your dream life be, and what type of person would you be, what would you do, how would you speak etc. Imagine if you already had your desire right now, how would you feel and how would you behave. Really take your time to think about this part. Embody being that person right now, the person you would be if your wish was already fulfilled. You don’t have to have your desire in your life to embody being that person.

If you had your SP in your life, would you sit around sulking in your PJ’s all day missing them, would you be waiting around for them to call, if they were already calling you? Would you be questioning if the process worked and looking for other techniques. The answer to this is probably NO, doing all these things is just confirming, the old story and keeping that in your reality.

Step 3: Affirm & Mental Diet

Now you have constructed a new story about your desire, you have to get your mind to accept it. You can use whatever technique you like to reprogram your mind to accept the new story as true for you. You can use SAT’s, scripting, affirmations, or a combination of them all. The aim of the techniques is to impress the subconscious mind with the desired state or thoughts and reprogramme the mind into a new way of thinking. You want to trick the mind into thinking your desire is already yours.

Personally, I prefer affirmations because they help me to control my thoughts throughout the day. We’re always affirming something to ourselves with our self-talk, either we’re focusing on thoughts of the past and the old story or we’re focusing on the future and our desires. Looping a select number of affirmations, helps me to quickly get into the state I desire and prevent my negative thoughts from spiralling out of control.

Mental diet is so important, regardless of what technique you use. There is no point affirming, scripting and doing SAT’s for an hour or two, if for the rest of the 22 hours, you’re still thinking of and focusing on the negative thoughts and old story. A mental diet should be a lifestyle change, not something you apply to just get your desire. It must be maintained, otherwise you’ll just fall back into the negative habitual thoughts. Your dominant thoughts, beliefs and assumptions always manifest. You don’t have to believe something 100% for it to appear in your 3D. I’ve never 100% believed in any of my manifestations until they were physically in my 3D but you do need to believe in the process and have confidence it will happen. The new story needs to be your dwelling state, the thoughts your mind naturally focuses on, when you’re not consciously controlling it, that is the point you need to get too.

Step 4: Repeat & Persist

The key here is repetition, no matter what technique you chose to practice, just make sure you’re doing it on a regular basis. You must remember you’ve been thinking in a certain way for a number of years, and have built up old beliefs and assumptions, that need to change. The only way you’re going to be able to make your mind adapt to the new way of thinking is with continuous practice and consistency.

Do not react to anything in your 3D, continue to persist in the new story. Have faith in the process and know that if you continue to focus and persist, your desire will soon be in your reality. If you keep repeating the old patterns, its insane to think the outcome will be any different. So, what do you have to lose by persisting in the new story?

With your SP, if your current focus is, we’re not together, they don’t love me, there is no contact. That quickly needs to change to we’re so happy together, they love me so much, they’re always contacting me. Every time you get the old thoughts, you need to be able to change them to what you do desire. Keep repeating and looping and eventually your mind will be reprogrammed to accept the new story, and this will be where your focus naturally goes.  

Step 5: Know it’s done!

Finally, claim and declare it as yours and know it’s on its way. You will know when this is done, when you start to feel natural about the desire, you have full confidence it’s yours and nothing can stop you from having it. Nothing that happens in the 3D will phase you from the desired state. The time it takes for something to come true in your reality, is the time it takes for you to convince your mind, that it is true. It is done, almost guaranteed to happen. If you persist for long enough, the 3D world around you will start to conform.

The people who struggle to manifest in my experience are the ones who are constantly jumping from one coach to another, jumping from one technique to another, jumping from one course to another, constantly changing their affirmations after a couple of days. The key to becoming good at anything in life is practice and finding your own unique way that works for you. You can’t keep learning forever, reading hundreds of books and posts, watching endless amounts of YouTube videos. All this is doing is keeping you stuck in the learning trainee phase. Eventually, you must take the leap of faith and put what you have learnt into practice, that is when you’ll start to believe and truly learn, what works for you and what doesn’t.

It’s like learning to drive, two people can take driving lessons from the same instructor, but one might pass their test the first time, the other might fail and take five attempts to pass. This is because the instructor can only teach you the principles of driving, but your ability to drive will come from you. How you learn and your capability to put those learnings into practice.  So, there is no need to keep endlessly trying to learn something so basic. The key to manifesting is always test the law for yourself, the proof is in the pudding.

If you’re doing the process correctly, you shouldn’t be feeling drained or tried. It should be a fun process, thinking about your dream life. The only difficult part is the beginning when you’re changing your old habitual thoughts, so you have to consciously be aware of what you’re thinking and focusing on. Learn to stop yourself, falling back into the old habits, if you’re dedicated, after 21 days you’ll notice it’ll become so much easier because you’ll start to form new habits.  

It all comes down to the mindset, having the ability to trick your mind to think you deserve to have and will have what you desire. How much you really want your desire and how much you’re willing to sacrifice and dedicate yourself. If you believe you can, then you can, if you believe you can’t then you won’t, you’re always right!

You can do this, believe in yourself as much as you believe in others and you’ll get there, I promise!

20 thoughts on “How I manifest my desires

  1. great post as always! I have recently gotten to a phase in the last week, where I am I guess natural. I demanded I cut off all resistance, blocks etc. woke up a week ago and just felt very bland. didn’t really care to do techniques, didn’t obsess all day, really didn’t even think about my desire through the days. even had a couple moments where I asked myself if I even wanted it. haven’t reacted at all to anything. idk what to make of this state tbh.


    1. That’s really good, it’s shows your subconscious mind is being impressed. When you think of your desire, just have the conviction, it’s already yours.


  2. Hi nice post. What are your views on perception? Perceiving something in the mind’s eye aka imagination is real ? Perceiving in mind state of SP being a kind husband to me and our life together?


    1. I don’t really understand the question. I think your perception is linked to your beliefs, you perceive things to be a certain way in your life based your core beliefs. To manifest anything including SP you have to be able to convince your subconscious mind it’s true for you and you can have it.


  3. The question is if I can perceive something in my imagination regarding my SP is that real ? Do I trust my imagination more than my 3D ?


    1. That is the whole principle of manifesting, if you can believe your imagination is more real than the 3D you’ll be able to manifest. If you don’t believe the imagination is more real than the 3D, that means you don’t believe in the principle of manifesting.


  4. I read in NeVille’s lecture that you move psychologically your desired state. My desired state is to be married to my SP but we are no contact. Also my parents are doing my match making. How do I ignore this 3D of my parents showing me suitors in the 3D while living psychologically in my desired state ?


    1. You live in your 3D as normal but deep down know, it is dead it is based on your past thoughts. The main thing is what you focus on in your mind, don’t let the 3D distract you from your desire, always ensure your thoughts are focused on what you want regardless of what the 3D is showing you. Eventually the 3D will conform!


  5. Thank you for replying so patiently. I am just worried that the state of marriage that I desire with my SP actually exists or I am just making it up. If I have a desire means it exists right ? I read this in one of your previous blog posts. If it did not exist I would not have this desire and neither could I imagine it.


  6. Thanks for your articles as always magnificent.
    Is missing my SP affecting my manifestation in some moments during the day like when i wake up i have this huge desire to just hugging or cuddling. So i don’t know if it’s a fact of missing or feeling the wish ?


    1. Nothing can impact your manifestation, unless you state it can. It is ok to miss and think of your SP, what’s more important is the story you are telling yourself about missing them. Is the story “I miss them so much because we’re so in love” or “I miss them so much because we’re not together”. The story you tell yourself on a regular basis will determine your manifestation.


  7. Thanks for your support.
    I just wanna know, does missing our SP impact our manifesting ? Like waking up in the morning and missing that cuddles ? Another question : is every time we go back to old story or feel down negative, we go back to square one on our manifestation journey?


    1. You give everything a meaning, if you think missing the SP will impact your manifesting then it will, if you think it won’t, then it won’t. What you focus on manifests, if you focus on the old story more than the new story, that is what will happen.


  8. Hi!
    I’ve reached the state where I know it’s done. When doubts creep in, they’re overwritten by this feeling of knowing, and everytime I think about my SP I naturally think about him as my boyfriend. After a week of feeling like this and having a very strict mental diet, mayor movement occured, that I know is part of the bridge of incidents. The only problem. or not problem but something that bothers me is, for example I go out and I start thinking “maybe I’ll meet him there!”, and that’s thinking about the how.. isn’t it? what would you recommend for staying in the wish fulfilled, knowing 3d is catching up already, but not think about the when and how? also, if I already reached state of knowing, would that kind of thinking affect my manifestation? Thank you! I always come back to your articles


    1. Hi, It’s great to hear you’ve reached a state where you can control your thoughts, to consciously create what you want. In my experience, it’s best not to try micromanage the situation, about the when and how because you don’t know how it will come but just have complete faith that it will come. When you are thinking of the when and how, its best to remind yourself you don’t have to worry about the how or when, that it will come in the best possible way. Even if you are thinking of the how “I will see him today” but you don’t make sure you don’t give that situation a negative meaning, “this means it won’t happen” flip that thought to “even though I didn’t see him today, I will soon”. The most important thing is not the thoughts you entertain but the meaning you give those thoughts.


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