The magic is always you!

Hi everyone, firstly apologies I have been MIA for a while. It’s been a really busy year for me. Plus, I didn’t want to keep writing posts for the sake of it. The only way you’ll fully benefit from the posts on here, is by reading the information, digesting it, but more importantly, by implementing it into your daily life.

“Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s ideas” – Maxwell Maltz.

To this date, the most asked question I always get is about my SP and how I got him back. People want to know, exactly how I did it, how I got him back and changed him into the person I wanted him to be. I have written about this many times, but I think the main point, that is overlooked or missed by many is. Yes, I managed to get my SP back, and he is the most amazing version of himself now and I used the law of assumption and various techniques to achieve this but looking back the most important part of getting him back and actually keeping him in my life, as the version I wanted. Was not doing affirmations, or techniques, but actually working on myself and changing my self-concept.

People must understand that our life is created by the thoughts and assumptions we hold, about ourselves, others, and situations. We all attract various people and opportunities into our lives, but our ability to fully exploit them, is always dependent on our self-image and how we truly see ourselves. If we think we are worthy and deserve that opportunity, we will make the most of it, and excel at it, because we know we can do it and we’ll have the confidence to take full advantage of what is being offered to us but alternatively, if something comes into our lives and our self-image isn’t great and we don’t feel worthy of something. Then people always unconsciously self-sabotage the opportunity, with insecurities, self-doubt, and negativity.

We all know people, who aren’t the most attractive, intelligent, or knowledgeable people in the group, but they always seem to excel at everything they do. Life is easy for them; they attract all the right opportunities and people into their lives, to make the most of every circumstance that comes their way. People normally say that person is so lucky etc, but it doesn’t come down to luck, it all comes down to self-image, which relates to self-confidence. These people excel at everything they do, because of their self-belief in themselves, and a strong self-image. They know they deserve and are worthy of everything they have; hence why they attract more of it.

Relating this back to the SP, the reason you’re not with your SP has nothing to do with them or the circumstances of the relationship, but everything to do with you. Therefore, to get them back your focus shouldn’t be them, but it should actually be you. If you truly want to get your SP back and build the life of your dreams, you must stop concentrating on techniques and affirmations to get the SP back but instead use that energy to build yourself back up and make sure you become the best version of you, the type of person your SP would want to be with. To attract the best into your life, you must first become the best in your eyes, that is the only way you’ll ever feel worthy of the best. Don’t do it for them, do it for you, because you deserve to be happy.

Stop living in the past, and what happened years, months or even weeks ago, we can’t change the past, it has come and gone. Forgive yourself for the past, we all make mistakes. Don’t dwell on the past negativity. Move on and start living in the future, based on your desires and ensure your present is focused on becoming a better version of you. Plan your future, what do you want the future to look like, what do you want to accomplish. Remember, you attract what you focus on, so ensure you focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Whilst you’re manifesting, instead of waiting for the manifestation to come into the 3D, because waiting will only attract more waiting. Use that time wisely, time is precious. Invest that time in yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, spend time with family & friends. Enjoy life, laugh, dance, sing, learn a new skill. When you invest in yourself, you’ll see the whole world around you will change. You can have anything you want, only if you have the courage to believe in your own abilities. You are the key to your happiness, don’t give that power or burden to someone else, it will only lead to disappointment. If you are happy within yourself, you will have the ability to make the people around you happy and you’ll no longer need validation from others to feel good.

Please never settle for something you don’t want or bad treatment from someone, just because you’re scared of losing them. When you truly work on yourself, you’ll know your own self-worth, and you’ll never allow someone to treat you in such as way. If that happens, you will be the one walking away with your head held high, not them. Once you put yourself on that pedestal, others will be chasing you and begging to be around you and, in your company, not the other way around.

Raise your standards, believe you are the most amazing person in the world. People ask me but isn’t that delusional, if it feels delusional, then be delusional, it’s better than being desperate. Your thoughts, and what you focus on manifests. So, make your thoughts and words work for you, instead of making them work against you.

If you are struggling to believe, if manifesting is true or not. Then the best way to make yourself believe is by putting the information into practice. Work on yourself, do it for a minimum of 21 days and prove it to yourself. What do you actually have to lose!

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

Make 2022 your year, all about being the best version of you for you 😊

14 thoughts on “The magic is always you!

  1. Hi Sia, thank you for the new post! If it’s possible would you help me solve this ? It’s been going in my mind for some times. I believe in the manifestation, but I just can’t solve my situation right now.

    Before I know manifestation, my anxiety created my breakup. After I know the law, I got him back. But now, the things he did in the past during the breakup (3rd party, fight, etc, which involved my family, became complicated). I don’t want to repeat the story here because I don’t know if it’s true or not because it happened in the background and not involving me directly.

    I live in the end result (believe that my sp and me will be married. And he brought up that for some times, which I’m happy about.) but the current situation with my family is quite annoying in daily life.

    What should I affirm and assume ? I would gladly assume that ‘it never happened’. But we can’t affirm in negative sentence, because we’ll automaticly focus on something that we don’t want. Or I would affirm that “my parents are okay about what he did in my back” which is also disturbing to me because it’s actually affirming the rumor.

    I know that eventually we’ll get married, but I don’t know how to deal with my family, draining me everytime i meet him, force me to do the talk, prevent me from going out. i’m just really tired, and I don’t want to do anything in the 3d before I set my stance in my mind


    1. Hi Cath, in your particular situation I would affirm my parents and family love my SP and know he is the right person for me. I would also not give the past any focus, and erase it from my memory like it never happened, as what you focus will manifest. I hope that helps 🙂


  2. Hi Sia, if we only do self concept to feel better for ourselves, can that help us manifest faster? Also, does revision change the past? Thank so much


    1. Self-concept in my experience definitely helps to manifest faster, as you feel worthy for the desire. Yes, revision will change your perception of the past.


  3. Hey Sia, firstly thank you so much for this blog and the posts you wrote on reddit, thats how I found you. I’m in a similar situation to what you were in and now I’m manifesting him back. Just struggling to let go of the old story and create a new one with the ideal version of both of us. Also wondering do you have an insta page where you post about loa?


    1. Hi Rach, I’m glad you’re finding the blog helpful. I don’t have an Instagram page yet. When you work on your self concept and yourself and you truly feel like you deserve this amazing relationship, the old story will naturally disappear 🙂


  4. Heyy Sia! Thank you so much for your posts! I’m also in a similar situation to what u were in and now I’m manifesting him back! Your posts are masterpiece to my eyes and to my mind, so, when u find any time available, do not hesitate to writing others. I just wanted to thank u -from the bottom of my heart- for sharing your journey and for encouraging us! Oh, I will come back to tell you my success story too haha. Lots of hugs and kisses from Brazil😘❤️🥰 (sorry for my english).


    1. Thank you Aurora, for your kind words. I’m glad to hear you’re finding the blog useful. I will try to write more posts but I do believe the benefit comes from implementing the content.


  5. Hi! I wanted to ask how many subjects should we focus on at a time? There are six different topics that I want to work on but working on all of them at the same time feels quite overwhelming and I feel like I don’t make any progress with any of them.


    1. Hi Viki, you can work on as many desires as you want at once, however, if you’re new to manifesting, I would suggest you work on one, see the movement and that will build your belief system. Then move on to manifesting more desires.


  6. Hi! Can i ask what did u do when you had negative thoughts? Or when u feel discouraged seeing no movement and having anxious moments…


    1. Hi, when I had negative thoughts, I would acknowledge them but tell myself that is not true for me. I would not allow myself to dwell in the negative thoughts or let them have any power over me. Ask yourself, if you already had what you desired, would you be waiting around for movement or doubting the process? No!!!


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