STOP overcomplicating it.

Does manifesting work? Is it real?

The answer is yes, but unfortunately there are so many people online now using it as a business and therefore making it super complicated. They are selling plans, courses, affirmations, congratulation letters and god know what else, just so they can make money.

I have said this many times, all you need to manifest is the basic understanding of the principles and then to practice and be dedicated to the process, which is very simple once you’re willing to put in the work.

Instead of searching YouTube videos and scrolling on Reddit. I recommend using this time to read Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy, to really understand how the subconscious mind works and testing the law for yourself.

The way the subconscious mind works is once you impress it with a thought and that thought becomes dominant. It has no choice but to manifest into your 3D. Your dominant thoughts and beliefs always manifest. What you think, the words you repeat or the mental images you entertain on a regular basis, whether good or bad are what is reflected into your reality.

Remember, the subconscious mind is not selective, it will not argue with you. The thoughts, words, and images you are feeding it on a regular basis. It will use those as your instructions to shape your reality. The subconscious mind will always reflect back to you what you feed it. So, if you’re not happy with your current reality, take a good hard look at your thoughts, and see where your focus always goes. The thoughts your mind naturally returns to, are your dominant thoughts or as Neville refers to it as your dwelling place. Your dominant thoughts create your reality. If you’re not happy with your current reality, monitor your dominant thoughts and change them. So, you get more of what you do want instead of what you don’t want.

How do I change my thoughts though, is the question I hear you ask? Well, this is where techniques come in. The aim of a technique is to help you to build new dominant thoughts by repetition. It is not the actual technique that manifests but the continuous repetition of the same technique that has the ability to impress the subconscious mind and reprogram it. Therefore, you can pick any technique that resonates with you, whether that’s affirmations, visualising, or scripting. The main thing is you pick one, stick to it and repeat the same thing on a daily basis, multiple times. If you do this, overtime the continuous looping will naturally build new thoughts and habits. That is just how the human brain works, you train it with repetition.

A negative thought that comes to your mind once or twice doesn’t have the ability to manifest but it is the continuous repetition of the same thought over and over again, that gains momentum and power to become a dominant thought, this is what has the ability to manifest into your reality. To be a dominant thought, you don’t even have to believe it 100%, as long as you give it 51% or more focus, it will manifest. It must, your dominant thoughts always create, it’s the law.

Therefore, it is simple; decide what you want, select a technique, make a daily routine to repeat it. The more you repeat the chosen technique, the quicker you will impress your subconscious mind and the quicker you will manifest your desire.

More important than the technique is the mental diet, you must follow your routine and be dedicated to it, but discipline is the key. Do not allow yourself to entertain or dwell in any opposing thoughts. As soon as the mind tries to go back to the old thoughts, you bring it back. This is probably the most difficult part of manifesting, constantly staying on top on your thoughts and ensuring they do not revert back to the old way of thinking.

Then just persist, this to me is just repeating the new thoughts until you get your desire. Turn your back on the doubts. When any doubts or opposing thoughts come up, all you do is ignore and remind yourself, this is not true for me. Remember, there is always movement, even if you can’t instantly see it in your 3D.

Finally, don’t worry about the when and how, that is not your job. Once you have impressed your subconscious mind with the instructions. Now, it is the job of your subconscious mind, as a diligent servant to obey the master and bring your desires to you. You literally don’t have to lift a finger, just do the work, and know it will come to you.  

5 thoughts on “STOP overcomplicating it.

  1. Hi Sia! What is your opinion on listening to night affirmation tapes (there is a popular coach that has them and I enjoy his voice). Or should we make our own? I have a harder time listening to my own affirmations strangely and feel more calm with his which is paradoxal. Thank you


    1. Hi Laura, I think listening to affirmations whilst you sleep is very useful to impress the subconscious mind. Personally, I think affirmations in your own voice that resonate with you and your desired goal vs generic ones are more effective but do what works and feels good to you.


      1. Thank you so much! And what do you think about coaches claiming that you can energetically “push” away your SP if you affirm too much for them? You hear so many conflicting information…


      2. Personally from my experience what pushes the SP away is your thoughts, what you say about them and the inner conversations you have about them. Its not about energy or emotions but more your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality and you get what you focus on therefore, if you keep telling the old story about your SP not wanting you, they have to conform to that but if you change your thoughts, and inner conversations about them to a desired story i.e. they love me and only me, they have no choice but to appear in your life that way. Also, the mind learns with repetition, the more you repeat your affirmations the quicker it will impress your subconscious mind and the more you will believe the new story. Without affirming or techniques how do you impress your subconscious mind??? The only thing that can push your SP away is affirming against your desire and the old story. That is what I personally think and believe based on my experience 🙂


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