Why your affirmations may not be working.

In my experience there are a number of reasons, why your affirmations might not be working for you as effectively and quickly as you want.

Copying affirmations from others.

People constantly ask me what affirmations I used to get my SP back or to have the lifestyle I currently have. Don’t get me wrong, you can use other people’s affirmations as a guide, but that is all they should be, is a guide for you to get started. In my personal experience, the affirmations that work the fastest and are the most effective, are the ones that resonate with you. That means they make you feel good about what you’re affirming and help change your current story from wanting to having what you desire. Otherwise, if you repeat an “I am” statement that doesn’t mean anything to you, just because it worked for someone else, then you’re just wasting your time with vain repetition. You can’t fool your mind; your mind knows the language it is used to and the meanings you associate with certain words. So, always use words that mean something to you to help create your new story. As long as, the affirmations make you feel good and help you to focus on the new story, it doesn’t matter if you fully believe them or not. If you’re using the right words, the mind will adapt with repetition and start to believe in the new story. Once your new story becomes your dwelling place, it will manifest into your 3D.

Using affirmations as a quick fix.

Some people use affirmations like they’re a magical potion to get the manifestation. That is not how it works! Affirmations are just a technique to aid you to change the story you’re currently telling yourself. We’re always speaking to ourselves with our self-talk, the mind is always saying something either positive or negative. We all know our thoughts create and the job of the affirmations is to stop you focusing on the negative thoughts and redirect the thoughts to something more positive. Affirmations are a good way to change and align the story you are telling yourself with your desire, but they are only effective if you use them with a mental diet. Think of affirmations as your thoughts, rather than just statements that can magically make your manifest appear out of thin air. The thoughts (affirmations) you focus on majority of the time will become your dominant thoughts and your 3D will start to conform and reflect your inner world into your outer world.  

Regularly changing affirmations or techniques.

This is the most common one I come across. People will try one set of affirmations for a few days or a couple of weeks and when they don’t see any results in the 3D. They start to question the affirmations or the process altogether. People jump from affirmation to affirmations, technique to technique, coach to coach. I regularly get people coming to me asking the same questions over and over again. You must remember, the brain is like any other muscle, you have to train it over time with repetition. The affirmations are there to help you redirect your thoughts and remain in the new story. The more you repeat them, the more believable they’ll become. The most important part is being able to control your thoughts and self-talk and ensure you’re always focusing on the new story.

Forgetting every thought is an affirmation.

Affirmations are your thoughts, so every thought you think is an affirmation. Even, “this is not working” and “it is taking so long” all these are affirmations. So, be honest and ask yourself, are you truly using more positive affirmations throughout the day compared to negative? I know lots of people that swear they’ve been on a strict mental diet and using their affirmations 24/7 but whenever you hear them speaking to someone and posting online, they’re always complaining about the current situation, and how they’ve been implementing techniques for XYZ amount of time and nothing has happened in the 3D. Constantly repeating their old story from the past about how unhappy they are and how unfair life is. Don’t you see, by repeating the old story and making these statements, you’re affirming what you don’t want and keeping yourself stuck in the same place.   

Reacting to the 3D world.

This is similar to the point above, people will affirm and remain on a strict mental diet, but as soon as something opposite to what they’re affirming, happens in the 3D world. Instead of ignoring the 3D and knowing their thoughts create and remaining true to their desire and new story. They end up reacting and falling back into the old story. Then you see them telling people or posting things like “this isn’t working for me”, “The opposite to what I wanted happened, “help me”, “this is a waste of time”, “I need to try something different”. The people who normally get their manifestations quickly are the ones who do not react to the 3D world. When they witness something in the 3D that contradicts their desire, they persist in the new story and they do not allow anything in the 3D to phase them, they power through the difficult thoughts.

Comparing yourself to other people.

Another thing, I see people do constantly is look for success stories and comparing themselves to others. It’s completely normal to look at other people’s success stories for motivation and guidance but you have to understand everyone is different and everyone’s journey is unique. You don’t know another person beliefs, insecurities and current mindset. They’re probably at a completely different starting point to you. Just because it took someone an X amount of time to get their manifestation, and it’s taking you longer, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to get your manifestation. It just means you have more work to do to align with the new story, but you will also get there with dedication. Therefore, never give up on your desire or compare yourself to anybody else. The only person you should compare yourself to, is the old you to see how far you have actually come.

Lacking persistence and patience.

We live in a society where we’re so used to getting everything instantly via an app, therefore having to work hard and be patient is something we no longer recognise. If something is taking too long, we start to get anxious, question it and start looking for another alternative. If you truly believe in the manifesting process and you know your thoughts create. You will understand, once you’ve declared a desire as yours, the work is done, there is nothing more to do but remain in the new story. Ensure all your thoughts are focused on the desired end. The desire is guaranteed and on its way. It will manifest and your only job is to persist in the new story. The 3D has no choice but to conform. It’s like when you order something online, they tell you the delivery will take 3-5 days, you don’t keep opening the door and looking for the parcel every few hours. You believe the order will eventually turn up because you’ve had confirmation from the company. Apply the same principle to manifesting, it’s on its way and will turn up, so there is nothing to panic or worry about, just persist, and know it will happen.

Lastly, remember affirmations are only a technique to help you redirect your thoughts to the new story. It is the focus on the desired story majority of the time, that will actually get you the results.

How I manifest my desires

I’ve been receiving lots of emails, asking if I would do a “how I got my SP back” course. There is no specific technique that is required to manifest an SP back. Manifesting isn’t complicated, in fact it is easy, we are doing it all the time, but to be able to consciously manifest, you have to be willing to dedicate yourself to the process.

In this post I will share how I personally manifest ALL my desires.

Step 1: Know what you want.

Be very clear about your desire, be as specific as you can. What is it that you actually want and why, be completely honest with yourself, what will you achieve and how will you feel when you have what you want? Some people say they want their SP but truly what they are searching for is love, security, acceptance, and companionship. Having a clear idea on what you desire and why, will help you create your new story and keep you focused on the end goal.

Step 2: Change the story

Identify what habitual thoughts are keeping you stuck in the old pattern. Decide from this point onwards, you are going to drop the old story, it’s the past therefore no longer relevant to the future. There is nothing you can do about the past, you can’t go back and change it, so it’s best to forget it. Revise it if you have too, but the plan is from this point onwards the old story remains where it should, in the past.

Circumstances do not matter, and what’s happened in the past does not matter. Accept all these unfavourable situations happened due to your past habitual negative thoughts and realise only you have the  ability to change and control this. This is why self-concept work is so important, to emphasis your own abilities and powers. Spend some time working on your self-concept, testing the law on other desires, you have less attachment too, this will help build your faith in the process.

Now you realise you’re the god of your reality and your thoughts create your life. Think of a new story, if you were the author of your book, how would your dream life be, and what type of person would you be, what would you do, how would you speak etc. Imagine if you already had your desire right now, how would you feel and how would you behave. Really take your time to think about this part. Embody being that person right now, the person you would be if your wish was already fulfilled. You don’t have to have your desire in your life to embody being that person.

If you had your SP in your life, would you sit around sulking in your PJ’s all day missing them, would you be waiting around for them to call, if they were already calling you? Would you be questioning if the process worked and looking for other techniques. The answer to this is probably NO, doing all these things is just confirming, the old story and keeping that in your reality.

Step 3: Affirm & Mental Diet

Now you have constructed a new story about your desire, you have to get your mind to accept it. You can use whatever technique you like to reprogram your mind to accept the new story as true for you. You can use SAT’s, scripting, affirmations, or a combination of them all. The aim of the techniques is to impress the subconscious mind with the desired state or thoughts and reprogramme the mind into a new way of thinking. You want to trick the mind into thinking your desire is already yours.

Personally, I prefer affirmations because they help me to control my thoughts throughout the day. We’re always affirming something to ourselves with our self-talk, either we’re focusing on thoughts of the past and the old story or we’re focusing on the future and our desires. Looping a select number of affirmations, helps me to quickly get into the state I desire and prevent my negative thoughts from spiralling out of control.

Mental diet is so important, regardless of what technique you use. There is no point affirming, scripting and doing SAT’s for an hour or two, if for the rest of the 22 hours, you’re still thinking of and focusing on the negative thoughts and old story. A mental diet should be a lifestyle change, not something you apply to just get your desire. It must be maintained, otherwise you’ll just fall back into the negative habitual thoughts. Your dominant thoughts, beliefs and assumptions always manifest. You don’t have to believe something 100% for it to appear in your 3D. I’ve never 100% believed in any of my manifestations until they were physically in my 3D but you do need to believe in the process and have confidence it will happen. The new story needs to be your dwelling state, the thoughts your mind naturally focuses on, when you’re not consciously controlling it, that is the point you need to get too.

Step 4: Repeat & Persist

The key here is repetition, no matter what technique you chose to practice, just make sure you’re doing it on a regular basis. You must remember you’ve been thinking in a certain way for a number of years, and have built up old beliefs and assumptions, that need to change. The only way you’re going to be able to make your mind adapt to the new way of thinking is with continuous practice and consistency.

Do not react to anything in your 3D, continue to persist in the new story. Have faith in the process and know that if you continue to focus and persist, your desire will soon be in your reality. If you keep repeating the old patterns, its insane to think the outcome will be any different. So, what do you have to lose by persisting in the new story?

With your SP, if your current focus is, we’re not together, they don’t love me, there is no contact. That quickly needs to change to we’re so happy together, they love me so much, they’re always contacting me. Every time you get the old thoughts, you need to be able to change them to what you do desire. Keep repeating and looping and eventually your mind will be reprogrammed to accept the new story, and this will be where your focus naturally goes.  

Step 5: Know it’s done!

Finally, claim and declare it as yours and know it’s on its way. You will know when this is done, when you start to feel natural about the desire, you have full confidence it’s yours and nothing can stop you from having it. Nothing that happens in the 3D will phase you from the desired state. The time it takes for something to come true in your reality, is the time it takes for you to convince your mind, that it is true. It is done, almost guaranteed to happen. If you persist for long enough, the 3D world around you will start to conform.

The people who struggle to manifest in my experience are the ones who are constantly jumping from one coach to another, jumping from one technique to another, jumping from one course to another, constantly changing their affirmations after a couple of days. The key to becoming good at anything in life is practice and finding your own unique way that works for you. You can’t keep learning forever, reading hundreds of books and posts, watching endless amounts of YouTube videos. All this is doing is keeping you stuck in the learning trainee phase. Eventually, you must take the leap of faith and put what you have learnt into practice, that is when you’ll start to believe and truly learn, what works for you and what doesn’t.

It’s like learning to drive, two people can take driving lessons from the same instructor, but one might pass their test the first time, the other might fail and take five attempts to pass. This is because the instructor can only teach you the principles of driving, but your ability to drive will come from you. How you learn and your capability to put those learnings into practice.  So, there is no need to keep endlessly trying to learn something so basic. The key to manifesting is always test the law for yourself, the proof is in the pudding.

If you’re doing the process correctly, you shouldn’t be feeling drained or tried. It should be a fun process, thinking about your dream life. The only difficult part is the beginning when you’re changing your old habitual thoughts, so you have to consciously be aware of what you’re thinking and focusing on. Learn to stop yourself, falling back into the old habits, if you’re dedicated, after 21 days you’ll notice it’ll become so much easier because you’ll start to form new habits.  

It all comes down to the mindset, having the ability to trick your mind to think you deserve to have and will have what you desire. How much you really want your desire and how much you’re willing to sacrifice and dedicate yourself. If you believe you can, then you can, if you believe you can’t then you won’t, you’re always right!

You can do this, believe in yourself as much as you believe in others and you’ll get there, I promise!

This is your story so make it a good one

If you’ve been following conscious manifesting for a while, you’re probably very familiar with terms such as think from, state and new story. With so much information out there, all these terms can get very confusing, but basically it all means, kind of the same thing. Your own imagination and thoughts are what is creating your entire world. You are always telling yourself a story, you live from that story you are telling yourself, and this story is what causes your state. You are the author of your life story, so why not make it a good one.

You are manifesting your whole life based on the story you are telling yourself in your mind, by your thoughts and inner self talk. Most people get caught up in the old story, based on their fears, thoughts, experiences, and allow the past to dictate their future. You end up repeating the old story from the past, overthinking that situation and this is what is creating your future.

When we refer to a story in manifesting, it’s basically the story that is constantly running in the background of your mind. It’s usually on autopilot and normally repeating an experience or situation from the past. When you constantly keep dwelling (this means thinking and entertaining a thought for a period of time) from that old story, that becomes your dominants thought, and you continue to repeat that story, play it over and over again in your mind like a movie. This is what is keeping you stuck in a rut, because based on the basic principles of manifesting, you get what you focus on. If you keep focusing on the past, what went wrong, how sad you are, that is what you will continue to get more of.

If you want to change what you’re currently experiencing in your 3D world, you must change the story or movie you are playing on repeat in your mind. Think of it like this, you’ve been given the power to be the author of your own life. You can rewrite your whole story from this point onwards. Imagine, how you’d want your future self to be, what do you want to experience in life, who do you want to be surrounded by. Think of your dream life and write that story, right now and become the lead actor of your movie in your mind. Have fun with it, imagine playing that new character in your mind, how would they behave, how would they feel, how would you talk. You can embody that person right now. Remember, you are the author of your life, therefore everything and everyone in your story must play their roles, exactly how you want them too. Nothing can happen in your story, unless you say so, and if you’re not happy with something, simply change it by rewriting another story.

Nothing stands between you and the fulfilment of your dreams but facts – and facts are the creations of imagining. If you change your imagining, you will change the facts – Neville Goddard.

Here is an example of an old story vs a new story of someone trying to manifest their dream job.

Old story (current reality):

  • There are no good roles out there
  • I don’t have the experience to get my dream job
  • I never succeed in the interview process, they always select other people
  • There is so much competition for my dream role
  • It’s so difficult to get into this organisation

New story (desired reality):

  • I always get every job I want
  • It was so easy to get my dream job
  • I am the perfect candidate for this role
  • I love my new job I am so good at it
  • My boss thinks I’m amazing and I’m the best person for the job

Can you see, as soon as you start to think from the new story, this will automatically change your feelings and state, from wanting to already having. Now imagine the mindset change you would have, going from being someone who is living from the old story to someone who is living from the new story. Would both these people have the same mindset and act the same way, of course they wouldn’t. You must be the person with the mindset of who already has their desire and is living from the end of that new story.

You can have, been or do anything you want, you are the god of your reality and all your desires are there for you to obtain. You don’t have to worry about the how and when. You must simply do the work and dedicate yourself to controlling your thoughts and changing your mindset. The desire is already yours, so accept it as yours and truly live from the new story. You know the 3D will eventually conform, it has too. Therefore, you know you don’t have to look at the 3D world for reassurance because your new reality in your imagination is more real than the 3D world.

The most important part is, you must persist in the new story even if the reality pushes against you. You will know you’re completely living from the new story when nothing in the 3D world can phase you or move you from your new state. Where your mind is occupied by your desired thoughts more than the past or current reality. When you have full faith and confidence your desire is yours, nothing can take it away from you, it’s inevitable, even if it’s not happened yet, it will, and nothing can stop it from happening.

Have that much faith in your new story that it becomes an unshakable fact, and if you persist in it for long enough, you will always see the results in your 3D world.

It’s so easy!

I know I have mentioned this in many of the previous posts, but I wanted to dedicate an actual post to this topic. Through all the messages I get, and coaching sessions I’m doing.  I am finding one thing in common with so many people, they are trying to over complicate the process. Manifesting is easy, we do it every minute of the day, with our thoughts and beliefs.

All you must do is monitor your self-talk and inner conversations, ensure your thoughts and beliefs are aligned with your desire. Talk to yourself in a loving caring way. It’s all about you, you deserve to have your desire and are worthy of getting it. You are the creator, the god of your reality and the only one who holds the key to your success and happiness.

If you’ve been doing techniques for a while but there has been no or little movement in your 3D reality. It’s probably because you don’t fully believe you’re the god of your reality. I have mentioned before, you don’t have to fully believe your affirmations for them to manifest but you do have to have faith in the law and the process.

This is the reason why working on your self-concept, of being the god of your reality is so important. If you believe you’re the creator of your world, that makes it much more easier to believe your affirmations will work and this will build your confidence and faith in your manifesting ability.

As always use affirmations that resonate and mean something to you, but because I get asked all the time, here are some of the self-concept affirmations, I use on a regular basis, that resonate with me.

  • I know my thoughts create.
  • I am a master at manifesting.
  • I know everything I desire, desires me.
  • Manifesting is so easy for me.
  • My affirmations work so fast.
  • I am so good at controlling my thoughts.
  • I always get everything I want.
  • It’s already done my desire is mine.

Once you build the mindset of being the god of your reality. You’ll realise there is nothing in this world you can’t have. All the power and answers you need, are all within you. Only you can give yourself the validation and love you need.

There is nothing to be afraid off, nothing to worry about, no one can hurt you or do anything to you. Your thoughts are controlling it all, if you can control your mind, you can control your whole world. If you want to change your life, you have to make the decision to discipline the mind and take back your power.

I find the best way to test the law, is to test it on all areas in your life. Don’t just use it to get your desire. Test it on things you have little or no resistance too. Once you start to see your 3D conforming, that will build your faith in the process and your ability.  

The time it takes for something to come true in your reality, is the time it takes for you to convince yourself, that it is true. Simple!

Q&A from my success story

I’ve been getting so many questions, since sharing my SP success story. Unfortunately, I physically do not have the time to answer every individual dm anymore, I wish I did! So, I’ve pulled together a list of all the popular questions and answered them in this post. Hopefully, this will help and answer all the pending questions.

How did I ignore my current 3D reality?

Once you fully understand the law, you’ll realise the 3D world is irrelevant, it’s only a shadow based on your past thoughts. The only real reality is your very own imagination and thoughts. You must accept responsibility for the fact, you’re experiencing your current reality because you have created it with your continuous negative thoughts, assumptions and beliefs. There is no one else to blame, so you must leave the victim mindset behind. You have created this situation and only you have the power to change it. Let go of the past, and current reality and concentrate on what you do want, this will be your future 3D reality. You don’t have to completely ignore the 3D world, you carry on as normal in your day to day life, you go to work, go to gym, go meet friends, enjoy your life. Never put your life on hold until you receive your manifestation. Remember the work is done in the mind, in your mind you must live from the end, as the person who already has everything they want. What would your mindset be if you already had your SP, what kind of person would you be, how would you act and feel, embody that person now. To don’t have to act as if you already have your SP in the 3D world but you embody having the mindset of the person, who already has the desire. Would you feel more confident, happy and relaxed, feel that way right now. Know that it’s already done, and the 3D world just has to catch up.

How to stop repeating the old story?   

Once again, you must accept accountability. You have created the old story through your negative thoughts and insecurities. If you believe in the law, and understand conscious manifesting is the thoughts you focus on, create your reality based on the feelings and meanings you assign to those thoughts. You really, only have two options: keep thinking the thoughts you are thinking now, repeating the old story and getting more of it. Or you can decide to discipline your mind, focus on a new story of what you would like to happen, so that you can manifest what you desire into your 3D. Only you can make this change, no one can do it for you. Remember, you always get what you focus on.

If the old story is causing you too much anxiety, you can always revise it. So instead of focusing on how the situation occurred in the past, you can imagine it happening how you wanted it to be. Then repeat that new scene, until it feels more real than what happened in the past. I revised the argument, with my SP, this took away the anxiety from the past.

He/She said they don’t want to be with me?

Remember circumstances do not matter, because everybody is you pushed out, people will only appear in your reality how you assume they will. They are only telling you these things, based on your insecurities. If you change your thoughts and assumptions about the person and the relationship, they will eventually conform to the new story. Remember, everything is neutral until you give a meaning to it, therefore only assign positive meanings to things in your life and expect the best from everyone.

Did I live in the end?

Yes, I lived from the end in my mind, this is probably the most important part of manifesting. I embodied the person I would be if I were already with my SP. In my mind we were already together in a loving committed relationship. In my mind he was the person I always wanted him to be, and I stayed faithful to that vision regardless of what my 3D reality was showing me. The whole point of techniques, whether you use affirmations, scripting, or SAT’s etc is to put you in the feeling of living from the end. I think this is where most people go wrong, they do techniques in the hope of getting something, but the point is, if you’re doing the techniques correctly, you’d feel like you already have your SP, they’re already with you, they’re calling you, you’re in a perfect relationship. So, there is no more work to do, it’s already done. If this was truly the case, would you be on internet searching for success stories, looking for new techniques and constantly asking questions, probably not, right?

Did I do the mental diet for a set time or all day long?

Mental diet means you observe your thoughts, and ensure you’re only focusing on the thoughts you want to appear in your 3D reality. Your dominant thoughts and assumptions will always manifest. These thoughts are the inner voice and self-talk, that is constantly going on inside your mind. This is what you need to learn to control. What would your thoughts and inner self-talk be if you were already with your SP? Those are the thoughts you should be entertaining all the time. If you already were with your SP in a happy loving relationship, you wouldn’t be thinking, “why hasn’t he called me, it’s been so long” it would more likely be “he loves me so much and he calls me every day” “we’re so happy together”. In my case, I went on a strict mental diet. I completely let go of the past and negative story. I watched all my thoughts and ensured my focus was always on what I wanted.

What affirmations did I use?

It doesn’t matter what words you use, how you say your affirmations, as long as they resonate with you and create a feeling of you already having your desire. The affirmations should be thoughts you would naturally think if you already had your SP. At the beginning you will probably not believe your affirmations, and that’s ok. You’re trying to change the old story into a new story, naturally the mind will want to revert back to the old story because that’s more comfortable and familiar, but if you persist, the mind will eventually start to adapt. That is why repetition and a strict mental diet is so important at the beginning, to replace the old story and convince the mind of the new story.  

Did I work on my self-concept or recreate my SP and relationship?

Both, because everyone is you pushed out, the 3D will only reflect back to you, the thoughts you are focusing on. There is no point working on recreating your SP or the perfect relationship, if you do not work on yourself. This journey is always about you and your mindset. Do you have the mindset of someone who is worthy of having your SP, do you feel good enough to be with them, confident that you can get them and keep them? You must embody being the type of person, your SP would want to be with. You’re more likely to believe your SP is crazy about you, if you believe you’re an amazing person. If you believe you’re not pretty or good looking enough, it’s more difficult for the mind to believe you can get someone like your SP.

What did I do when negative thoughts came up?

I reminded myself I was the god of my reality, my thoughts created my 3D world, therefore I could have, be and do whatever I wanted. This made me feel confident that my desire was done, its mine, nothing and nobody could take it away from me. All I had to do was ensure my thoughts were in check, using affirmations and a strict mental diet, helped me live from the end. At the beginning it was hard work, but the more I repeated my affirmations, the more believable they became, and the negative thoughts naturally went away.

What feelings did I have?

Once I decided I wanted to get my SP back, my complete focus was on my end goal. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and it would require discipline and dedication, but I was willing to put in the work to get my perfect relationship. At the beginning the affirmations and mental diet, felt draining, I also had anxiety at times, but I continued to affirm and persist. Eventually, it got to a point, I would think of my SP and naturally the new story would come to mind instead of the negative thoughts and my insecurities were gone. Once I reached this point, I felt calm and confidence, like my desire was already mine, I was convinced it would manifest into my 3D. I had no doubts, conflicting thoughts or attachment. I felt like it was done deal. At this point, I didn’t stop affirming, I continued to affirm. You have to remember; you’re always affirming something with your self-talk. The only difference is once you’re aware of conscious manifesting, you become more aware of the thoughts you’re focusing on and with repetition, the positive thoughts naturally become your dominant thoughts.

Timings, it took you 3 weeks, I have been affirming for months and nothing is happening?

If you’re saying nothing is happening, or this is not working, that is what your focus is on and that’s what you’re affirming, therefore why are you shocked nothing is actually happening. If you truly, were living from the end in your mind, would you be looking at the 3D for reassurance and signs, no you wouldn’t. You would not be questioning the process, you would happily be going on with life, in the conviction your desire is done, you already have your SP, and nothing would be able to move you from that state. The time it takes for something to manifest into the 3D, varies from person to person, therefore I suggest not to compare yourself to others. I feel the reason some people get their manifestations faster than others is because they actually practice, do the work and test the law for themselves. Whilst others keep learning, complaining, questioning, and doubting the process. The more you practice, the quicker the mind will adapt and the faster you will get the results. You just have to ensure you get to a place of living from the end, and just persist and do not give up and revert back to the old story. Once you reach that point, the desire will show up in your 3D, when you least expect it. Remember, it’s not our job to know the when and how, our job is to simply persist in the assumption of the wish fulfilled.  

Stop wanting and start doing!

I receive so many questions from people about manifesting, and most of the time, it’s the same repetitive questions about can I, how and when. Hopefully, this post will help to clarify a few things.

If you understand the basics of manifesting, that your imagination and thoughts create, and you are the god of your reality. Then you know that you already have all the tools you need to create the life that you want. The only thing, that is preventing you from having your desire, is you.

The basics of conscious manifesting is, the thoughts you focus on, create your reality based on the feelings and meanings you assign to those thoughts. The thoughts you focus on continuously, will become your dominant thoughts and beliefs, and these are what will be reflected in the 3D world. You are always in control of the outcome; you can choose to think positive and get what you desire or continue down the negative spiral and become a victim of your own thoughts.

Once you declare and assume or believe a desire is yours, your subconscious mind will start to work to make it a reality. Remember assumptions, although false, will harden into fact, it’s the law. The only thing that will prevent you from having your desire come to pass, is your negative conflicting thoughts. This is that inner voice, that is always speaking to you inside your head, telling you it’s not possible, you can’t do it. You need to make that voice quiet, until it is telling you what you want to hear, that you can do it, it is possible and it’s already yours.

That inner voice is only telling you all these things, not because it’s true but simply because that is what it is use too. That is the way it has been thinking for years. Humans are habitual creatures, we do the same things over and over again, out of habit. It’s the same with the mind. It is just repeating what it has always done, because it doesn’t know any different. That is why, when these old thoughts come up, your only job is to stop them and remind the mind, no this is the old story, we don’t do it that way anymore, and affirm the new story. Naturally, the mind will try to go back to the old story, because that is comfortable and familiar, but if you keep reminding it through affirmations, scripting or SAT’s this is not how we do things anymore, eventually it will learn, ok this is not how we do things now, and develop a new thought pattern.

Imagine that inner voice is a friend giving you advice, you can listen to it but choose not to take it on board. You can decide I no longer want to focus on this and dismiss it. Decide I want to do things in a different way. The inner voice and negative thoughts aren’t the enemy, it’s just the old way of thinking. Now you’re aware of conscious manifesting, and you know the importance your thoughts have on your reality. You just need to put in the work to change the way you are thinking and the thoughts you are focusing on.

I have noticed so many people want to continue learning, are always on the internet searching, asking the same questions, and constantly looking for signs and at the 3D for reassurance. Don’t you see, this is a reaction to your negative thoughts. Your negative inner voice is telling you, it’s not here yet, you’re not going to get it, it’s not working, and then you panic, go back onto the internet, start searching and questioning the process. The time you spend constantly on the internet, looking for new advice, new techniques and asking questions. Imagine you invested that time in practicing the law, affirming, and controlling your inner voice, you would probably be much further along in your manifestation journey.

Every time you ask questions, you’ll literally reaffirming it’s not here and coming from a place of lack. The doubt is just confirming the negative thoughts going on inside your mind, and all this will do is delay the process.

If you believe in the law, you can go on in confidence knowing your desire is already yours, it’s done. Honestly, if you were living in the end and you already had what you wanted and desired, would you still be searching if the law worked, searching for success stories, would you still be asking when and how, would you be looking for signs? Of course, you wouldn’t, you would be happy living in your new reality.

It’s like with anything in life, you can’t learn and question forever. Eventually you need to take control and practice. The best way to learn, is to practice and see what works for you and what doesn’t. You won’t get it straight away, it will take some time but eventually if you keep practicing, you will get better and start to see the results. Develop a routine, and ensure you stick to it daily. To change the old habitual thoughts, you must develop a new habit of thinking in a positive way, this will only happen with continuous practice, repetition, and dedication. The more you practice, the quicker the mind will adapt and the faster you will get the results.

Use the 3D as an indicator for your thoughts. Your reality is only reflecting back to you what is going on inside your mind, and the thoughts you are focusing on. Be honest with yourself, if you’ve been implementing affirmations, scripting and SAT’s for many months, but are still not seeing any evidence of that in your 3D world. Are you truly entertaining more positive thoughts, than negative? The 3D world doesn’t lie, it will always reflect to you your dominant thoughts. Test it, think of your desire right now, what is the first thought that came to mind. That will give you an indication of what your dominant thoughts are at the moment, and how much more work is required.

No one can stay in the same state all day, our thoughts change minute to minute. Of course, you will get negative thoughts, but you must dismiss the negative thoughts and not spend too much time focusing on them. Until eventually, you will get to a point, where you think of your desire and it’s your positive thoughts that will naturally come to mind. That is when you know your subconscious mind has been impressed. Now your only job is to persist with those positive thoughts, until they manifest into your 3D world.

Remember, everyone is you pushed out and circumstance do not matter, you can have anything you desire. The thoughts you’re entertaining on a regular basis is what will manifest into the 3D world. As long as you’re able to control your thoughts and ensure you’re only thinking of what you do want, more than what you don’t want or don’t have. The world around you will conform, it has too.

You don’t have to believe your affirmations right away but if you have faith in the law and know if you persist, the mind will adapt and form new habits, and with repetition these new thoughts will soon become beliefs and assumptions. All you need to manifest everything you ever wanted, is faith in the law.

Make your affirmations work faster

If you understand the basics of manifesting, you will know that it is your thoughts and imagination that is creating your reality. What you chose to focus on, is what you will attract more of into your life. Therefore, to get what you want in life, you must change the focus from the lack of not having it right now, to already having what you want. You need to change the old story you are telling yourself on repeat, due to your old habitual thoughts, and replace it with a new story of living from your desired end.

To get what you want faster, you must stop your mind running on the autopilot habitual thoughts, the more you keep repeating thoughts of the old story from the past and worrying about them, the more you will be stuck in the same situation, going around in circles.

Affirming statements of what you do want, will help you to overwrite and replace the old habitual thoughts that are going on inside your mind. The more you repeat these affirmations, the quicker they will be impressed on to subconscious mind and with continuous repetition, you will be able to make them your dominant thought. Use affirmations that resonate with you, use the language of your inner voice, in the way you are always speaking to yourself, the mind finds this easier to accept.

I normally get asked how often, should you repeat your affirmations and when. Repeat them all day and every day to begin with, so you’re only entertaining the new thoughts of the desire. You must consciously focus all your attention on the affirmations, because the old negative thoughts, you were previously thinking are already assumptions and beliefs in your mind, therefore, to replace them, more effort, time, and dedication is required. The more attention you give to the affirmations, the faster you will get the results. You should continue to repeat your affirmations until your desire as come to pass. The best time to repeat the affirmations, is every time your desire comes to mind, so you’re only associating these new positive thoughts with your desire and no longer dwelling in the negative story. To really speed up your manifestation, another great time to repeat your affirmations is when you are in a drowsy state (SAT’s), in this state your conscious mind will not put up a fight, so there will be less of an uphill struggle and they will go directly to your subconscious mind.

That is the aim of the affirmations, to repeat them until they become your dominant thought when you think of you desire. Instead of the negative thoughts, you’re thinking at the moment. When your mind automatically repeats the affirmations at the thought of your desire, that’s when you know it’s been impressed on the subconscious mind enough. You will get to a point where you’ll feel complete confidence, that your desire will be yours no matter what and nothing can stop you having it.

How quickly you get your desire, is completely dependent on you. On how long it takes you to let go of the old thoughts and story from the past and focus your thoughts on what you want to experience in life. Re-affirm the new story as much as you can, until it naturally becomes your dominant thought, it is your dominant thoughts and beliefs that manifest. The more you affirm the new thoughts and story, the quicker it will reprogram the mind to the new way of thinking and your desire will come to pass. Don’t worry about the how and when, that is not your job. Don’t keep questioning it and asking whether you’re doing it right or why it hasn’t happened yet; all that will do is slow the process down. You must focus your mind, have faith your desire is already yours and every time you think of your desire affirm, affirm, affirm.

Stop giving your negative thoughts power over you

If you truly accept your reality is created by your very own thoughts and imagination. Then you will realise, in order to change something in your life, you just have to get to a place where you’re able to control your thoughts, instead of letting them control you.

I get asked all the time, what I think is the most important part of manifesting, and in my honest opinion and experience, I would have to say a mental diet. If your thoughts are creating your reality, you must consciously be able to control your self-talk to get what you desire. Your self-talk refers to the voice inside your head, those are your thoughts, the way you speak to yourself and the things you say to yourself. It is the inner voice, that is always speaking to you, telling you what to do, what is possible for you and what is not possible.

The inner voice is there to help and support you, it is built up of your past experiences, and it helps you sense and avoid danger. But over the years, based on our fears and insecurities, we end up building beliefs and assumptions, that result in creating limitations, and prevent us from living up to our true potential. These limiting thoughts in your subconscious mind, are stopping you from experiencing your desire. Thoughts are the voices in your head, that are telling you, something is not possible, you can’t get something, you’re not good enough etc… However, none of this is actually true, these thoughts are just assumptions and beliefs, you’ve built up as true, based on your past experiences.

Your thoughts create feelings and emotions; those create beliefs and assumptions, and those beliefs and assumptions are what is creating your reality. Nothing in your life has a meaning, everything is neutral until you associate it with a positive or negative outcome. If you look back to a past experience, majority of the time, what has led to a bad experience, is thinking a thought, which probably wasn’t even true or you had no or little evidence it was true, but you kept overthinking it, until you convinced yourself it was true, and then it become a belief and probably manifested into your life. Therefore, to manifest something good or a desire into your life, you must do the same thing in reverse. Overthink a thought, until it is impressed on your subconscious mind, becomes a belief, and you get to a point where you’re so confident, it’s already yours and then it will manifest into your life.

We already know, the more we repeat a pattern of behaviour, the stronger that pattern becomes, and it forms a habit. If you’re use to always thinking negative, you will always see the negative side, of every situation because that is how you’ve trained your mind. A strict mental diet means, you can interrupt these negative thought patterns. You can starve yourself of any negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. With continuous repetition, you’ll be able to rewire your mind to think in different way.  

That is why a mental diet is so important when it comes to manifesting, because you get what you focus on, not what you want. Therefore, to manifest a desire, your focus must be on already having what you want. A strict mental diet allows you to monitor your thoughts and get to a point, where you’re only entertaining thoughts of the reality you want to experience. The dwelling place Neville refers too, or the new story is basically your thoughts. They must be focused around, already having what you want, and you dismiss anything that is contrary to your desire.  

Acknowledge the only thing causing your current situation is your past old habitual thoughts, that are based on your past experiences and memories. Every time you focus on what has happened or your current circumstances. You are not thinking, you’re basically just remembering and repeating the past. You always get what you focus on, if you keep focusing on the memories and experiences from the past, do you think the future will be any different? You’re fundamentally reliving the old story and creating more of the same thing in your future. If you truly want to experience something different in your life, you have to change your thoughts. Stop telling yourself the old story and start thinking from the new story of what you would like to experience.

Don’t be scared of your negative thoughts and feelings or try to suppress them. If you do that they will keep coming back, until you address them. Instead sit with them, let them out, and take the power away from them, tell them they don’t have any control over you. Acknowledge that your negative thoughts are just a part of your past insecurities and fears, and they are no longer relevant in your life. If you want to cry and let all the emotions out, that is fine, it won’t ruin your manifestation, as long as you get back on the mental diet, as soon as the negative thoughts have passed. Never leave something on a negative note or fall asleep thinking a negative thought.

Always remember, you control your thoughts, they don’t have the power to control you, unless you give them that power. The law is always working, therefore, either you control your thoughts to create the life of your dreams, or you let your thoughts run on habitual auto-pilot and keep getting more of what you’re getting. You can use your thoughts to either work for you or against you.

Get the SP to chase you

At the moment, are you the one who is begging, wanting and chasing the SP? Well, that’s all about to change. Is it possible to flip this scenario around, so your SP is begging, wanting, and chasing you? Of course, it is, and this is how to flip it around easily!

The reason your SP has all the power right now, is because you have given it to them. Are you constantly thinking any of the following thoughts?

  • They are so perfect
  • I am not good enough for them
  • They can get anyone they want
  • Why would they want to be with someone like me?
  • I need to always be available for them otherwise they will find someone else.
  • Are you always bending over backwards to make them happy?
  • They never call or arrange to meet you?
  • Do you always fear them leaving you?

If any of these statements are true, that means you have put your SP on a pedestal and are viewing them as some sort of god or goddess. They are so high up on that pedestal, that you can never reach them. Everybody is you pushed out, therefore, the vibe you’re giving off to your SP is, you’re not good enough for them. If you’re not good enough for them, and they can do better than you. Why would they ever want to be with you? Would you want to be with someone, who you thought wasn’t good enough for you? I bet you the answer would be NO, right? As humans, we always want what we can’t have or something that we feel is desirable to us and there is nothing desirable about a desperate, needy person begging for your attention.

When they pull back, you chase them out of insecurities and fear, but all this is doing is pushing them further away, because all your thoughts are of desperation and lack. Instead of chasing, begging and over contacting them, you must align your thoughts with what you do want and the desired end.

If you are serious about getting your SP to chase you, the first thing you must do is, take them of the pedestal. Realise, they are just a normal person, there is nothing special about them. That you are giving them this much power to treat you like a second-class citizen. The first step to getting your power back, is to take your SP of the pedestal and put yourself on there instead. Remember, you are the creator of your own reality, therefore you should be the most important person in your world. People will always treat you, how you allow them to treat you.

To put yourself on that pedestal, you must work on your self-concept. The best way to do this is to fully accept and recognize, that your imagination and thoughts are what is creating your reality, and you and only you are in control of your world. You accept that you’re the most important person in your life, no one can do anything to you, without your permission. Therefore, you should write a new story about yourself, where you’re the god or goddess on that pedestal. Feel super confident, highlight all your good points, why someone would want to be with you, all the things you have to offer them and how they’re lucky to have someone like you. This new version of you, should be the person, your SP would want to pursue to date, you’d be the priority, and someone no one can resist. Basically, you’re reversing the roles in your new story, instead of you chasing your SP, now they are chasing and begging to be with you. It doesn’t matter, if you don’t believe these things at first, if you keep repeating them, it’ll soon start to feel real.

Now you’ve recreated yourself into this super confident god or goddess. You need to do the same with your SP, recreate them to be the kind of person you want them to be. Create a new story, where they are constantly pursuing you, they’re always calling you, they are doing everything you ever wanted. They are the perfect partner, and you have the perfect relationship. You must focus on what you want, instead of what you are current getting in the 3D world. Your SP does not have any free will in your reality, you aren’t forcing them to do anything. You are simply changing your perception of them. All you’re now doing is creating a more favourable version of them, by directing your thoughts in a more conscious way.  Remember you’re the star of your show, the SP is just an extra in your film, keep this in mind when you’re recreating your story.  

This new story you’ve created about yourself and your SP, is your living from the end. You can create a list of affirmations, script, or visualise an end scene, to keep yourself in this new story or state. Of being in the perfect relationship with your SP, where they’re constantly pursuing you. Keep repeating this new story whenever your SP comes to mind. The aim is to replace the current story, where your SP is ignoring you or not treating you how you’d like them too with this new desired story, where the SP is now pursuing you. As always, repetition and persistence are the key, the more you replace the old story with the new story, the quicker it will impress on your subconscious mind and appear in your 3D reality. Remember everyone is you pushed out (EIYPO), change your assumptions about your SP and relationship and they will change and conform, it’s the law. All you must do is ensure you keep a strict mental diet to persist in the new story until it appears in your 3D world. Remember, all this work is done in your mind, all your thoughts must align with the desired end. The 3D is only an echo of your past thoughts; therefore, it is irrelevant. The more disciplined and dedicated you are to the new story, the quicker it will happen. If you persist in the new story for long enough, eventually this will be reflected into your 3D, it is inevitable.

I have mentioned this in my SP success story. The mental diet is the most important part, and it must be a lifestyle change. Getting the SP back is the easy part, keeping them and getting them to stay in your 3D reality as the person you want them to be, requires a complete change in your mindset. You cannot just do it temporarily to get your SP back and then revert back to the old way of thinking. Otherwise, you will get them back and lose them again, once the old negative thoughts start to come back. Hence, why you must ensure you stay on top of your mental diet, and understand your thoughts are creating your life on a daily basis, so only entertain the thoughts, you’d like to manifest into your reality.

Remember, this is your life, your story, so make it a good one.

How to speed up your manifestation

In the last post, I went over the reasons why it may take some people longer than expected to get results. In this post, I am going to discuss how you can get results fast. This is based on my own personal experience of manifesting, how I have done it quickly myself and how I have helped others to do it.

The most important thing is, to understand the basics of the law and develop your self-concept. This means you fully accept and recognize, that your imagination and thoughts is the only real consciousness. Nothing was ever created in the 3D world that was not first imagined. Your thoughts are what is creating your reality, and you and only you are in control of your destiny and world. You accept that you’re the most important person in your life, no one can do anything to you, without your permission, therefore don’t give anyone that power over you. Remember the law is always working, therefore, either you control your thoughts to create the life of your dreams, or you let your thoughts run on habitual auto-pilot and keep getting more of what you’re getting.

If you have a desire, that means it was meant to be yours. You wouldn’t have a desire if you were not meant to experience it in your life. Select your desire and look at it, as if it’s already yours now. What would your story be if you already had what you wanted; it was already yours in the 3D world now. What would you be doing, who would you be, and how would you feel? That new story, is your living from the end. You declare your desire as yours, it’s already done and happening now.

I have mentioned this before, the technique you use does not matter. You can use any technique you like SAT’s, visualising, scripting, or affirmations. The point of the technique, is to help you live from the end; live from the new story you have created. The key here is repetition, therefore do whatever technique you feel resonates with you, but do it on a continuous basis. You are trying to rewire the mind, to forget the current negative story of the 3D world and replace it with the new desired story. You must convince the subconscious mind; the new story is now your reality.

A strict mental diet is the most essential part of manifesting, in my experience. No matter what technique you use to live from the end, of the new story. The only way to stop yourself from falling back into the old negative story, is to keep on top of your mental diet. Watch the thoughts that come into your mind, whenever you’re not doing a technique. You must monitor your self-talk and stop entertaining any thoughts that oppose your desired end. Always, listen to your self-talk, that will let you know your current state. If you feel yourself falling back into the old state/story, quickly catch it and flip it around to the new story.

“Whenever inner speech and desire are in conflict, inner speech invariably wins” – Neville Goddard.

You must accept the 3D world for what it is, a shadow world based on your past thoughts. If you continue to react to it, you will just get more of what you don’t want. Understand your current circumstances do not matter, it has all been created by your insecurities and negative habitual thinking. Come to peace with the current circumstances and 3D world, accept you’ve created this. This is where letting go comes in, it means you must let go of all the negative thoughts, pain, desperation, and old story of the past. Now you’ve learnt how to discipline the mind and entertain new thoughts, you understand this will soon pass, and it won’t be long before your new story is reflected into the 3D world.  

Don’t overcomplicate the process, by forcing yourself to believe something 100% or trying to force a feeling, that will all come naturally with repetition. You’re probably not going to believe it 100%, until your desire manifests into your 3D but you do have to believe in the law and your thoughts create. Your only job is to watch your thoughts and inner self talk and not entertain anything that doesn’t correlate with your desire. Everything else will fall into place. You don’t have to worry about the when or how, just know it’s done and inevitable. Keep testing the law with everything, to build your belief system.

Nothing in the world has a meaning until you give it a meaning, based on your assumptions and perception of that event. Everything is neutral, until you give it a positive or negative meaning. Therefore, if you chose to see something as a sign, and it makes you feel happy and positive, see it as a sign. You decide, therefore give everything you are experiencing a positive meaning, avoid associating any negative feelings with anything.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – Dr Wayne Dyer.  

In my experience, the reason most people fail to manifest something is because they don’t persist for long enough. They lose faith in the process and give up on their desire and fall back into the old story. Repetition and persistence are the key to getting what you desire, to appear in the 3D world. You must keep repeating the new story and persisting in it, until it appears in your reality. It will appear in your reality when it has been impregnated on your subconscious mind enough to rewrite the old assumptions. Remember that assumptions, although false, will harden into fact, it’s the law. You just have to remain patient and trust the process.

You will know you’re at that point when you have full confidence your desire is yours, nothing can take it away from you, it’s inevitable, even if it’s not happened yet, it will and nothing can stop it from happening. When you get to that point, it’s done.

The time it takes to get there will be different for every person, depending on your past thoughts, assumptions, desire, the amount of time your spending doing your affirmations, how strict your mental diet is, it all plays a part. Never compare your progress to someone else’s. Just have faith in the process, and know if you persist in your desire, and do the work, the 3D will eventually conform, it has too, it’s the law.

Finally become a “doer” not a “hearer”. People spend so much time learning the law, but it is the actual practice that will get you the results. The more you practice on a daily basis, the quicker your mind will change, and your desire will appear in your 3D world. So, it’s up to you, either you dedicate the time to discipline the mind, to get the life of your dreams or you can remain stuck where you are, in the victim mode.

Remember, the chose is always yours.